Leviton VRR15-1LZ

1800W Z-Wave Outlet Wall Receptacle

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The Leviton VRR15-1LZ is the Z-Wave receptacle of the Vizia RF+ series. It is a replacement Z-Wave receptacle for your wall outlet.Once y...
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The Leviton VRR15-1LZ is the Z-Wave receptacle of the Vizia RF+ series. It is a replacement Z-Wave receptacle for your wall outlet.

Once you install or replace your existing receptacle with a Leviton VRR15-1LZ, you'll be able to turn your devices on and off using Z-Wave.

The VRR15-1LZ is rated for up to 15 amps or 1800 watts of usage.

Because the VRR15-1L is duplex, it communicates back with the machine to indicate its status.

Both outlets of the VRR15-1LZ are are tamper-resistant to meet the 2008 National Electrical Code for child safety.

The VRR15-1LX comes with with swappable white, ivory and light plates.

Brand: Leviton

Only Standard Z-Wave
Submitted on 09/21/2020 Alarm Grid

The Leviton VRR15-1LZ is a 1800W Z-Wave wall outlet. It replaces a standard wall outlet to provide smart control for the connected devices. The device is installed by cutting power at the circuit breaker, removing the existing wall outlet, and then installing the Leviton VRR15-1LZ in its place. You can then restore power at the breaker and enroll the unit with your Z-Wave network. As Z-Wave is meant to be universal, you should have no trouble pairing the Leviton VRR15-1LZ with your Z-Wave network. However, you should keep in mind that the Leviton VRR15-1LZ is only classic Z-Wave. If you have a Z-Wave Plus controller, then you might want to get a Z-Wave Plus outlet for range purposes and to keep your network consistent. Another downside for the Leviton VRR15-1LZ is that the model is discontinued, and you are unlikely to find it new. Because of the downsides, and the fact that newer and more robust models are readily available, we only give the Leviton VRR15-1LZ a 4-Star rating.

There are positive aspects regarding the Leviton VRR15-1LZ. For one, the device is compatible with nearly any Z-Wave controller, and it is easy to enroll with a Z-Wave network. By using this model, you will be providing smart control for the connected devices, which is a major convenience. Most automation platforms like Total Connect 2.0 and Alarm.com offer integrations with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so that's a nice touch as well. But there are downsides regarding the Leviton VRR15-1LZ that shouldn't be ignored. The device is standard Z-Wave, not Z-Wave Plus. Anyone with a Z-Wave Plus controller is encouraged to get a Z-Wave Plus outlet to maximize range. Since this is an in-wall outlet, you will need to install it. And since the Leviton VRR15-1LZ is discontinued, you will have trouble finding a new model. But a used model should still work just fine. All things considered, the Leviton VRR15-1LZ gets 4 stars from Alarm Grid.

Good: Compatible w/ Most Z-Wave Hubs, Easy to Enroll, Voice Integrations

Bad: Standard Z-Wave, Must be Installed, Discontinued

Bottom Line: 4 Stars

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