Z-Wave Plus In-wall AC Outlet

2gig wo15emz5 1 z wave plus in wall ac outlet

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The 2GIG WO15EMZ5-1 Z-Wave Plus In-Wall AC Outlet allows a user to control a plug-in device remotely. They can also have the device activate automatically with programmed smart scenes through an interactive service. Only the bottom outlet uses Z-Wave control. Buy the 2GIG W025EMZS-1 here.
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The 2GIG WO15EMZ5-1 Z-Wave Plus In-Wall AC Outlet is an AC duplex receptacle with two integrated outlets. The top outlet cannot be toggled and provides continuous live power. The bottom outlet can be triggered using Z-Wave operation. It is ideal for pairing with almost any Z-Wave controller.

In order to use the outlet, the device must be receiving power from an electrical panel. It uses hot, neutral and ground wires, and the total load must not exceed 120VAC, 15A @ 60Hz. The device pairs with a Z-Wave controller for remote operation. This is possible through an interactive service platform that is used with a home or business security system. It will also add to the local Z-Wave mesh network to strengthen the communication between other Z-Wave devices.

This module uses Z-Wave Plus technology for increased range and improved reliability. The range for Z-Wave Plus devices in most homes is roughly 50-60 feet. However, this signal can "hop" through other Z-Wave Plus devices. This repeats the signal and increases the maximum possible range. A Z-Wave Plus device like the 2GIG WO15EMZ5-1 can perform up to four hops on its way to its destination. Please note that the module will only utilize the Z-Wave Plus range when paired with a Z-Wave Plus controller.

A user can achieve ultimate functionality for this module by pairing it with an alarm system that has been set up with an interactive service platform, such as Total Connect or Alarm.com. This will allow the user to set the device up with smart scenes for automatic operation and control. That way, they can have the electrical device plugged into the bottom outlet activate with certain system events or on a set schedule. They can also use the respective mobile app for the interactive service to control the device remotely.

Note: Top outlet is always live, and the bottom outlet is Z-Wave controllable.

Brand: 2GIG

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