Linear PS15EMZ5-1

Z-Wave Plug-in Appliance Module

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The Linear PS15EMZS-1 Z-Wave Plugin Appliance Module provides smart home control to a connected device. The module is plugged into a normal wall outlet, and the device you want to control is connected. The PS15EMZ5-1 has a controlled outlet and a pass-through outlet. Buy the PS15EMZ5-1 here.
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The Linear PS15EMZ5-1 is a Z-Wave Plus plugin module that allows for remote control of a connected device. This is a very simple plug and play device that can certainly make your life more convenient. The module is recommended for use with lighting and small electrical appliances.

To use the Linear PS15EMZ5-1, simply plug it into a wall outlet, and enroll it with your Z-Wave controller. Then connect the device you want to use with the PS15EMZ5-1 to its controlled outlet. You can then operate this connected device through your Z-Wave network. The PS15EMZ5-1 also contains a pass-through outlet that will allow another electrical device to be connected for standard non-Z-Wave operation.

You must make sure the device used with the controlled Z-Wave outlet for the PS15EMZ5-1 module does not exceed the maximum load. The max load for resistive is 15A or 1800W at 120VAC. The max load when used with incandescent lights is 600W at 120VAC. Trying to use a more powerful device could result in problems or damage to the device.

As a Z-Wave Plus device, the PS15EMZ5-1 offers an improved range when compared with classic Z-Wave devices. With a direct line of sight, the module can communicate from up to 100 feet away from the next Z-Wave Plus device or the hub. You can also use the PS15EMZ5-1 with standard Z-Wave controllers, but this will result in a decreased range. The PS15EMZ5-1 also strengthens the mesh network by allowing other Z-Wave devices to "hop" through it. A Z-Wave signal can hop through four (4) devices on its way to the intended destination.

A convenient LED light on the PS15EMZ5-1 shows the load intensity for the connected device. White indicates 0 to 0.02 Amps. Green indicates 0.002 to 2 Amps. Blue indicates 2 to 5 Amps. Yellow indicates 5 to 10 Amps. Red indicates more than 10 Amps. Remember not to exceed 15 Amps.

Pairing this module with your Z-Wave network will allow you to control the connected device remotely. This is done through an interactive service platform. Many Alarm Grid customers use Total Connect 2.0 and to do this. These are both great platforms that are frequently used with security systems. Remember, you will need an appropriate alarm monitoring plan to use Total Connect 2.0 or

Brand: Linear

Useful Plug-In Module
Submitted on 08/07/2020 Alarm Grid

The Linear PS15EMZ5-1 is a plug-in Z-Wave module that essentially allows you to add a connected device to a smart home network. The plug-in module can support a maximum resistive load of 1800W, or a maximum incandescent load of 600W. When you enroll the PS15EMZ5-1 with your Z-Wave network, you will be able to control the device remotely from a compatible automation platform. This is great if you have access to a service like Total Connect 2.0 or You can also include the unit with Z-Wave smart scenes to have the device activate automatically based on a schedule or with certain system events. Overall, we really like the Linear PS15EMZ5-1, so we give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many aspects we appreciate about the Linear PS15EMZ5-1. For one, it is a Z-Wave Plus device. This means that it will offer superior range over classic Z-Wave devices when used with a Z-Wave Plus controller. The module features a pass-through outlet in addition to the Z-Wave controlled outlet. This can really come in handy if you have a lot of electrical devices in the area that need to use an outlet. There is an LED light on the module to indicate load intensity. This is very useful for determining if you are close to approaching the device load limit.

There are not many downsides regarding the Linear PS15EMZ5-1. One issue is that is a somewhat bulky module, and it will cover up other outlets if used on a standard power strip. If you have the device plugged into a wall outlet, then you will want it on the bottom outlet so that it does not cover up an unused outlet. The load limits on the device are quite generous, but they can become an issue if you are trying to use a high-powered device. Really, these downsides are quite minor, and they do not stop us from awarding the Linear PS15EMZ5-1 a 5-Star score.

Good: Z-Wave Plus, Pass-Through Outlet, LED Light

Bad: Bulky, Load Limits

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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