Optex WNX-40DS

Wireless 40x40 Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detector for DSC Systems

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The Optex WNX-40DS is a wireless PIR motion detector with pet-immunity functionality. It is designed to actively detect motion while also reducing the possibility for false alarms caused by other sources. It is designed for use with legacy 433 MHz DSC Systems. Buy the Optex WNX-40DS here.
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The Optex WNX-40DS Wireless Pet Friendly PIR Motion Detector is used for monitoring the interior of a building for motion or movement. The wireless motion sensor offers a maximum coverage area of 40x40 feet, or it can provide a 60x6 foot coverage area with an optional FL-60N lens.

As a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor, the device works by looking for changes in infrared energy. This occurs when movement is present in the coverage area. To prevent false alarms, only a significant change in IR energy will cause the device to activate. The WNX-40DS will then alert the system when it detects this type of energy. The security system will then respond based on the programming settings.

The WNX-40DS also offers other features to reduce false alarms. With OPTEX Quad Zone Logic, the device will actively distinguish between human and other sources of infrared energy. This is done by establishing an increased number of high-density detection zones. Having more detection zones working together helps improve the accuracy of the motion sensor.

The device also uses an advanced spherical lens to obtain a more accurate focal length for each of these zones and optimize their performance. This helps the sensor more accurately detect humans and prevent false alarms. Alternative sources of infrared energy can include small pets, moving curtains, and ceiling fans. By being able to actively distinguish between these sources and humans, the WNX-40DS Motion Sensor works more effectively.

A user can adjust the sensitivity of the device through the device's adjustable pulse count. Increasing the pulse count will make the device less sensitive to motion. Likewise, a decreased pulse count will increase the sensitivity. This model is designed for use with DSC 433 MHz systems.

Note: For a long-range coverage area, you need the optional Optex FL-60N Lens, which can be purchased here.

Brand: Optex

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