Impassa Security System with Alarm.com Verizon CDMA Cellular Communicator, No Transformer

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With its installed Verizon cellular communicator, this DSC Impassa System arrives ready for use with cellular monitoring and Alarm.com. We recommend purchasing this version of the panel, or the AT&T version, for users who are new to monitoring. Buy the DSC Impassa with the Verizon communicator here.
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For users who want a basic wireless alarm system for monitoring a home or small business, the DSC Impassa is certainly a viable option. This version of the panel comes with an integrated Verizon cellular communicator. This will allow the system to receive cellular monitoring service and connect with Alarm.com. We recommend purchasing this version of the Impassa System for any user who is new to alarm monitoring.

As a system, the Impassa provides everything a user needs to get started with DIY alarm monitoring. It is the only all-in-one wireless DSC panel with support for Alarm.com services that also offers local installer-level programming. This is necessary for any DIY user to perform basic programming functions locally from their panel. DSC also offers their wireless Iotega System that will support 433 MHz sensors. But this system does not provide local installer programming. This means that an end user cannot program their own sensors or add/remove any sensors on their own. So for users who want to use legacy DSC Sensors and perform a DIY install, the Impassa is definitely the ideal choice. And with the Alarm.com cellular communicator pre-installed, this panel can perform virtually any function that one would expect out of a modern alarm system.

The DSC Impassa provides support for up to 64 wireless zones and 16 separate key fob zones. This is plenty for almost any regular home or small business. Programming is conducted using an integrated touch-button keypad. This keypad is also used for everyday system functions, such as standard arming and disarming. It should be mentioned that most newer wireless systems from other companies, such as Honeywell, 2GIG and Qolsys, can offer support for a greater number of zones. The wireless systems from other companies also usually include a built-in touchscreen controller. Many users prefer touchscreen controllers, since they can be easier to use than a touch-button keypad. But if a user is fine controlling their system with a touchpad, then the DSC Impassa will work fine. Additionally, there is an external touchscreen keypad available for the Impassa that can be purchased separately. However, installer programming cannot be performed using the touchscreen controller.

The Impassa's support for legacy DSC 433 MHz Sensors makes it a popular panel for upgrading older DSC legacy alarms. These sensors can be readily programmed with the DSC Impassa, and they do an excellent job of keeping a building fully protected. Reusing an existing network of 433 MHz sensors can greatly lower the upfront hardware costs when upgrading a system to add Alarm.com support. A user in this situation can purchase the Impassa as a quick and easy way to get the sensors running. And since the Impassa includes local programming, the sensors can be learned in with ease. A DIY installer will need to get familiar with the system's slightly challenging programming process, but the programming menus can be mostly be left alone once the system and its sensors are up and running. DIY friendly companies like Alarm Grid can assist along the way.

Some other standard features for the Impassa its support for up to 4 external keypads and the ability to program up to 17 different user codes. The Impassa event log can also store up to 500 different system events. Since this version of the system includes an ADC communicator, it can receive cellular monitoring services and gain access to the Alarm.com interactive platform. Cellular connectivity is ideal for an alarm system, since it is extremely reliable and provides speeds that are comparable to WIFI. If a user is new to alarm monitoring, they should make sure that their Impassa System can receive cellular monitoring services. As for Alarm.com, a user can access this service from almost anywhere to control their Impassa System. Alarm.com allows users to arm and disarm their system, check the status of sensors, control Z-Wave devices and more.

Please note that this is the Verizon CDMA version of the DSC Impassa and does not include a transformer. There are other Impassa panels that include the transformer. This version is designed as a panel upgrade when there is already a 16.5VAC, 40VA AC transformer. The version that is purchased will determine which cellular network the panel connects with. This has nothing to do with a user's regular cellular service, and a user can use the Verizon DSC Impassa even if they use AT&T for their smartphone. We recommend choosing whichever service tends to work better at the site of the panel.

There is no AC transformer included with this alarm panel, and it will need to be obtained separately! The main purpose of this package is to replace an existing Impassa System. However, a backup battery is included with this system. No Image sensor module either.

Brand: DSC

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