Qolsys IQ Dimmer

Plug-In Z-Wave Lamp Module for Qolsys Security Systems

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When paired with your IQ Panel, the IQ Dimmer you can adjust the brightness of all the lamps in your home. There’s no need for separate dimmer switches or even night lights; the IQ Dimmer can do it all.
  • Z-Wave
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Having complete control over your lamp’s setting while you’re on the go is not only convenient, but it can also make you feel more secure. Want to turn on your lamp a half hour before you get home? Want to set your lamp to go dim at a few hours before you wake up? The IQ Dimmer, when paired with your IQ Panel, can make all of these automations easy.

IQ Dimmer can also help you conserve energy and save a little money on your utility bills. If you have other IQ devices in your home that are connected to the Z-Wave network, your IQ Dimmer can act as a repeater and strengthens the accuracy and performance of all devices in the network.

Who Benefits From an IQ Dimmer?

Do prefer using a lamp over overhead lighting in the living room, bedroom, or other areas of your home? Do you have family members who forget to turn off a lamp? Do you want a little added security when you’re away from home? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, an IQ Dimmer might be the perfect addition to your Qolsys IQ Panel.

Leaving lamps on all day, especially when not in use, can cost money and you can also go through light bulbs more quickly. Although not as common, a lamp left unattended can also be a fire hazard. IQ Dimmer can turn off any lamp that’s plugged into the device when you’re at home or on the go.

As the seasons change and the daylight hours get shorter, you might return from work at dusk. Rather than entering a dark house, you can set a time for your lamp to turn on whether your home or not.

The IQ Dimmer can also turn any lamp into a nightlight when you dim the light; this can be a great feature for overnight guests or even for ambient lighting.

If you’re going away for a few days, you can control your lamps with the IQ Dimmer, so it looks like someone is at home when the house is empty; these can offer a little added security by deterring potential burglars.

Specifications of IQ Dimmer

The IQ Dimmer has a wireless range of up to 130 feet in the line of sight, has an input power of 120 VAC/60 Hz, and a radio frequency of 908.4/916 MHz. The max output of each IQ Dimmer device is the equivalent of 2.5A, 300W incandescent, 65W dimmable CFL/LED.

If you plan to use the IQ Dimmer to adjust the brightness of your lighting, you need to make sure you use dimmable light bulbs in your lamps.

As mentioned early, the IQ Dimmer acts as a Z-Wave repeater and helps to make your home “smarter.” The design of the IQ Dimmer device is basic with an outlet plugin per device and light that will tell you when it’s on or off.

Ideal Places To Plug In Your IQ Dimmer

You can plug your IQ Dimmer into any standard outlet, but due to the size of the device, it’s best to plug it into the bottom socket. IQ Dimmer should only be used indoors, and it’s best to plug it into an outlet that’s out of the way of heavy traffic (to avoid accidental tampering or damage). As with all outlets, keep infants and small children away from the IQ Dimmer.

When plugging your IQ Dimmer into an outlet, make sure the area is clean, relatively free of dirt and dust and not a damp area. Moisture and dirt may affect how well the IQ Dimmer functions or responds to connectivity.

Pairing Your IQ Dimmer With Your IQ Panel

Although all Qolsys IQ devices have a durable design and are versatile in a variety of household applications, it’s always a smart idea to hang on to any packaging or instructions that come with the device. These items can be helpful if you encounter any issues with the device and need to refer to a guide or contact the company.

Once you’ve chosen where you want to plug in your IQ Dimmer, it’s time to pair it with your IQ Panel. To do this, plug the IQ Dimmer into an outlet which is closest to your IQ Panel. This step is only necessary for pairing the device with your panel; you can move the IQ Dimmer after your panel “learns” your IQ Dimmer.

To pair your panel and IQ Dimmer, select “settings” on your IQ Panel, then “advanced settings.” You will be prompted to enter a code, and you can enter the Dealer code (2222) or the Installer code (1111).

Select “installation,” “home control device,” and then “add device.” You will then be prompted to “learn” or “pair” the device. To do this, “tamper” the device by pressing and releasing the button on the front of your IQ Dimmer.

Once your IQ panel detects the IQ Dimmer, you will see the default device information. You can customize any of the fields, such as when to turn on and off a lamp or when to “dim.” The more you customize in the IQ Panel, the easier it is to “automate” your home.

After you customize the IQ Dimmer, press “Add,” and the IQ Panel will store the device. Repeat these steps for each IQ Dimmer you use in your home.

Each dimmer comes with a securing bracket at the top of the device. Wait to secure the IQ Dimmer once you have selected a permanent place and have paired the outlet with the panel. To secure, simply remove the screw from the existing outlet and screw the securing bracket into the outlet.

Brand: Qolsys

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