Qolsys IQ Glass-S

Encrypted Glass Break Sensor for IQ Panel 2

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The Qolsys IQ Glass-S sensor protects your home by detecting the pitch and frequency of sounds made from breaking glass. You’ll know inst...
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The Qolsys IQ Glass-S sensor protects your home by detecting the pitch and frequency of sounds made from breaking glass. You’ll know instantly if an intruder has tried to enter your room through a window. The smart device will send a signal to your IQ Panel using secure S-Line encryption technology that is backward compatible with legacy 319.5 systems.

You can set the sensor to “Stay” or “Away” modes through your security system’s command center. It will actively monitor the space for the sound of breaking glass within 25 feet (7.6 meters) of the sensor. You needn’t buy a device for every window in a room. When installed on the ceiling, it can detect an authorized breach in any window within its range.

Like other smart devices in the S-Line, you can customize your sensor by giving it a unique name. That way you’ll know exactly where the breach has occurred. You can also set specific settings for an appropriate response by your home security system such as turning on a light or sounding an alarm. The Qolsys IQ Glass-S sensor puts you in control of your home’s security.

How the Device Works

The Qolsys IQ Glass-S sensor actively listens to the ambient sounds in a room. When it detects the sound of breaking glass, it sends an encrypted signal to the IQ Panel. That triggers the automated response that you can customize for a particular situation. The action happens immediately when a window has been broken.

You—and the intruder—know instantly the moment it happens. Early detection and a quick response can help prevent the situation from escalating into something more serious and costly. The sensor is an ideal way to ensure your home’s safety whether you’re away or just sitting in the next room. You can relax knowing that no one will enter your home without your knowledge.

Specifications of the Qolsys IQ Glass-S Sensor

The smart device measures 2.75”H x 3.88” W x 1.5”D. Its small size makes it easy to install in a place where it is virtually unnoticeable. The unit comes with two CR123A 1550mAH batteries. It can function properly in any room with a temperature range of 14 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 to 48.9 degrees Celsius). You can also place a sensor in an outbuilding or garage.

The S-Line encryption technology ensures that communication between your sensor and the IQ Panel is secure. It will help prevent your system from getting hacked and interfering with its operation. It is also backward compatible with legacy 319.5 systems, offering the same protection for older units. The device is easy to install to secure your home quickly.

Getting the Most Out of the Qolsys IQ Glass-S Sensor

Correct placement is essential for the device to detect the sound of breaking glass of any window in a room. You should place it at least 3.3 feet (1 meter) opposite from any of the windows that you want to protect for optimal detection. Unobstructed space between the unit and the window is the ideal placement. Objects in front of the unit may interfere with its sensing.

You should avoid placing it within four feet of any sources of ambient noise such as a stereo system or TV. Sound from these sources may confusion the sensor’s electronic monitoring and set off false alarms. The smart device detects the pitch and frequency of sounds to distinguish the noise of breaking glass from other sources in the room to prevent setting off false alarms.

You can install the sensor on an opposite-facing wall if there is only one window in the room. If there are multiple windows, you can put in on the ceiling instead so that it can detect breaking noises from any of them. Bear in mind the minimum 3.3-foot distance for optimal performance of the device. Larger rooms or buildings may require additional units to ensure adequate protection.

Installation of the Qolsys IQ Glass-S Sensor

Consider the position of the sensor carefully, keeping in mind its 25-foot range. Depending on the room’s layout, a central location may offer the best protection. To install it, begin by removing the protective strips on the adhesive tape on the back of the unit. You will need #4 or #6 screws to mount it in place. Activate the device by removing the faceplate and taking out the battery tab.

You will then need to place your panel in auto-learn mode so that it can register the normal audio conditions for the room. Open and close the case to tamper it. You can customize the sensor through your IQ Panel. You can give each smart device in your home its own unique name and notification sound so that you know exactly where a security breach has happened.

You can also set automation rules when an alarm is triggered. For example, you can set an alarm to go off so that you’ll know about an unauthorized entry no matter where you are in your home. You can turn a light on to alert an intruder that there is a security system in place to put a quick halt to a would-be burglary. The savings for you and your family are priceless.

The sensor also has both “Stay” and “Away” modes that you can turn on through the IQ Panel. Once it is activated, you and your family are automatically protected. You can rest assured that your smart device is on the job 24/7 keeping your home safe. You can change the sensor’s settings anytime too.

The Qolsys IQ Glass-S sensor gives you and your family the peace of mind in knowing that no one will enter your home by breaking a window without you being alerted to the danger. It gives you the ability to customize it to offer the best in protection to keep everyone in your family safe. With instant detection, you can stop a thief in his tracks.

Note: Qolsys sensors operate at 319.5 MHz. They will not work with the 345 MHz and the 433 MHz versions of the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. They are designed for the 319.5 MHz IQ Panel 2 Plus and other 319.5 MHz systems.

Brand: Qolsys

Wonderful Glass Break Sensor!
Submitted on 12/19/2019 Alarm Grid

The Qolsys IQ Glass-S is a wireless 319.5 MHz glass break sensor. It actively listens for the sound of breaking glass, and it will alert the system upon detecting this type of sound. The sensor is specifically configured to ignore other similar high-pitched sounds and only respond to true glass break events. This is done in part by requiring the sensor to detect both the high-pitched sound of the glass shattering and the low-pitched "thud" of an object striking against the glass. We believe that this is a fantastic sensor, and we give it a perfect 5 Star rating.

There are many things we like about the Qolsys IQ Glass-S. For one, it utilizes Qolsys S-Line Encryption when paired with a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 or a compatible 319.5 MHz Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. This rolling code encryption makes it extremely difficult for a potential intruder to hack or takeover this device. The sensor offers a great coverage area, as it can detect glass break events from up to 25 feet away. By strategically placing this sensor, there is no reason why it cannot monitor every window in a small to medium sized room. When compared with other glass break sensors, this is actually a great coverage area. And the fact that it is designed to prevent false alarms should also be mentioned.

There aren't many downsides to the Qolsys IQ Glass-S. One issue we see with the device is that it has an admittedly ugly design. And since you really need to have this sensor out in the open with nothing blocking its path to the windows, it's not like you can easily hide it. But if you don't care about that type of thing, then it is a non-issue. Also remember that as a wireless sensor, you will need to replace the batteries from time to time. But overall, these are minor flaws. The benefits of this product greatly outweigh the negatives. We give the IQ Glass-S 5 Stars.

Good: S-Line Encryption, Great Coverage Area, Prevents False Alarms

Bad: Ugly Design, Need to Replace Batteries Occasionally

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

You welcome! You can always email us at support@alarmgrid.com with any questions.
I figured as much but wanted to check. Thanks!
If you're trying to protect glass inside a bedroom, and the door to each bedroom will be closed at the time you're trying to protect them, you'll need a sensor for each room. The sensor won't be able to reliably protect glass through a door. If it could, you'd probably get a lot of false alarms out of it.
I’m trying to protect my kids rooms as they are in the front of the house. Since the doors are right next to each other so I need a sensor for each room or can I install this in the hallway. Assuming the doors would be closed while alarm is activated. Thanks.
I don't know yet, Brett, but we'll be releasing more information about the Qolsys IQ2 as it becomes available to us.
Will Qolsys iq panel 2 support Honeywell life safety devices?
Hi Brett, they are nice looking. I believe they will eventually have a translator card that you can buy and install. They currently have an IQ Wireless Translator that translates the 345 mHz sensors to their 319.5 frequency, but it is a separate module you'd install outside the main panel. This may be something you could use a Resolution Products translator for as well (but, I don't know that for sure). They have an IQSmoke and an IQCarbon Monoxide detector, so I'd say yes on the wireless life safety device support.
I'm hearing August, though not sure exactly when in August. I would say Mid to Late August.
The Qolsys iq is a good looking panel. I have seen the videos of Qolsys panel Geoarm uploaded on YouTube; it looks neat. Will this panel support Honeywell sensors and wireless life safety devices?
Julia, any info on a release date for TC 2.0 with HTML5? Definitely looking forward to that.
Total Connect 2.0 has a new HTML5 site in beta that is not flash based, and rivals Alarm.com, in my opinion. The thing with Qolsys is, it looks great, the feature set is awesome, but it's new, and untested compared to both 2GIG and Honeywell. That's why I say I'm looking forward to it proving itself in the field.
That's a big 10-4, we expect the IQ2 panel to be available on our site within the next few weeks. It's a good looking panel (if you're into that sort of thing) and it has impressive features, so I'm looking forward to it proving itself in the field. It will support encrypted sensors, which is something 2GIG has been lacking, and I like the page button layout, as opposed to the Lyric, where you have to drill down (and know where to drill) for everything.
Sorry. Wondering if this means the qolsys iq 2 touch panel is coming soon. If so, any idea when. I really like the way this panel looks. Do you have any opinions on the iq2 vs the Honeywell lyric and the 2gig 3?
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