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Z-Wave Outlet Compatible w/ Qolsys IQ & IQ Panel 2

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When you pair the IQ Outlet with your IQ Panel, you can make your home more “smart” by creating automation rules for your appliances. IQ Outlet helps cut energy costs and creates a more secure home.
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Like many households, maybe you’re trying to cut your energy costs but find it hard when you have forgetful family members who leave a lamp on or a fan running.

With an IQ Outlet, any appliance that is plugged into the IQ Outlet can be programmed to shut off when you leave the house automatically. Not only can it help you see significant savings on your electric bills but it’s less of a safety or fire hazard.

IQ Outlets are easy to use, convenient, and like other Qolsys devices, they can be paired with your IQ Panel.

The Benefits of Using an IQ Outlet

Do you have an absent minded teenager who forgets to unplug the hair straightener or curling iron? Do you want to make sure your coffee maker is turned off after you’ve left for the day? While occasionally leaving a small appliance, like a coffee maker, on all day won’t affect your energy bill too much, it can be a potential fire hazard.

How many times have you left the house, couldn’t remember if you left the iron on and plugged in, and ended up turning around to make sure it was turned off?

Maybe you want a lamp in the living room to turn on every evening at 7:00, whether you’re home or not. All of these scenarios are common, particularly for busy families, and an IQ Outlet can help put all your worries aside and make life just a little bit easier.

If you already use your IQ Panel on a daily basis for security and convenience, IQ Outlet is a great addition to your home.

How The IQ Outlet Works

When you plug an appliance, such as a coffee maker or a space heater, into your IQ Outlet, you can pair the outlet with your IQ Panel. Once the IQ Panel “learns” the outlet, you have complete control over the appliance that is plugged into the IQ Outlet.

Want to turn on the lamp when you leave the house? Want the space heater to turn on 30 minutes before you get home? Do you want the coffee maker to turn on at 7 am every morning? There’s no need to invest in expensive “automated” appliances, all you need is an IQ Outlet.

Specifications and Features of The IQ Outlet

The IQ Outlet has a wireless range of up to 130 feet in the line of sight, has an input power of 120 VAC/60 Hz and a radio frequency of 908.4/916 MHz. The outlets are versatile and can be used for a variety of appliances. The max output of each outlet is the equivalent of 900W incandescent, 200W CFL/LED, .5 HP motor or 1800W resistive load.

Each IQ Outlet works as a Z-Wave repeater, which means that receives Z-Wave communication, and passes it along (or repeats) it other of your IQ devices in the network. A repeater increases your network’s accuracy and makes your home “smarter.”

The IQ Outlet plugs into any standard outlet and from the device, you can plug in almost any appliance. Some of the most ideal appliances are coffee makers, appliances in the bathroom, lamps, fans, and even space heaters.

Where To Plug In Your IQ Outlet

Since you can plug in your IQ Outlet pretty much anywhere, you have a lot of options. IQ Outlet is only recommended for use indoors, and it’s best to plug in the device in a clean and dry area as humidity, and excess dust may affect the accuracy of the outlet.

If possible, plug IQ Outlet into an outlet that is out of a high traffic area or where it can get tampered with or accidentally damaged.

Setting Up Your IQ Outlet With Your IQ Panel

After you’ve selected where you want to use an IQ Outlet, you can pair it up with your IQ Panel. This process may take a little time, depending on how many IQ Outlets you have, but the process is easy.

To pair up your IQ Outlet with your panel, plug the IQ Outlet into the outlet that is closest to your IQ Panel. This is only for pairing up the device and your panel; you can move the IQ Outlet device after you’re done.

Your IQ Panel needs to “learn” your IQ Outlet so to do this, go to go to the panel and select “settings,” then “advanced settings.” Next, you will be prompted to enter a code, and you can enter the Dealer code (2222) or the Installer code (1111).

Select “installation,” “home control device,” and then “add device.” You will then be prompted to “learn” or “pair” the device. To do this, “tamper” the device by pressing and releasing the button on the front of your IQ Outlet.

Once your IQ panel recognizes the IQ Outlet, you will see the default device information. You can customize any of the fields as you wish. The more you customize in the IQ Panel, the easier it is to “automate” your home.

Once you have customized your IQ Outlet, press “Add,” and the IQ Panel will store the device. Repeat these steps for each IQ Outlet you use in your home.

Each outlet comes with a securing bracket at the top of the device, secure the IQ Outlet once you have selected a permanent place and have paired the outlet with the panel. To secure, simply remove the screw from the existing outlet and screw the securing bracket into the outlet.

As with any IQ device you purchase, it’s always a good idea to keep any packaging and instructions that come with the device so you can refer to them if you encounter any issues.

Brand: Qolsys

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