Qolsys IQ Siren

Z-Wave Siren for Qolsys IQ and IQ Panel 2

Qolsys iq siren z wave siren for qolsys iq and iq panel 2 qz2300

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The wireless Qolsys IQ Siren is the easiest way to increase the alarm volume for an IQ Panel 2 or original IQ Panel System. This Z-Wave Siren produces sounds up to 105dB, and it features three LED strobe lights to provide a visual indication of an alarm. Buy the IQ Siren from Alarm Grid.
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The Qolsys IQ Siren is the perfect add-on for anyone who wants to increase the alarm volume for their IQ Panel 2 or IQ Panel System. While both of these control panels come with integrated sounders, some users may want to achieve a louder alarm sound. That is where the IQ Siren comes in.

The IQ Siren is designed to produce alarm sounds of up to 105dB. This about as loud as a helicopter or a jackhammer. Unless you have an extremely large property, everyone in the building will certainly hear an IQ Siren once it has been activated. The device is also perfect for anyone who wants to provide an alarm noise-maker for a second part of the building.

It is incredibly easy to use the IQ Siren. The device plugs-in to any standard wall outlet to receive consistent power. And if the power ever goes out, a rechargeable 430 mAh lithium battery will keep it active. The device can be auto-enrolled with the security system by any end user. Once it has been set up, the siren will automatically go into effect whenever an alarm occurs.

The IQ Siren also includes three LED strobe lights that provide a visual indication of any alarm event. Since the IQ Siren is a Z-Wave Plus device, it will act as a repeater for other Z-Wave devices. This makes it perfect for strengthening an existing Z-Wave network. Up to three IQ Siren devices can be paired with an IQ Panel 2 or IQ Panel System.

The clean and modern look of the IQ Siren makes it a great addition to any home or small business. The device measures in at just 3.25" tall and 1" deep, and it will only require one wall outlet. Please note that the IQ Siren is designed for indoor use only.


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