Qolsys IQ Smart Socket

2-Outlet Z-Wave Controller Compatible w/ Qolsys IQ & IQ Panel 2

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IQ Smart Socket allows you to control two devices at once. It can be paired up with your IQ Panel so you can track your energy usage. Through intelligent automation, you can conserve energy costs.
  • Z-Wave

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It’s not uncommon for someone in your household to leave a lamp or a small fan on all day. If this occurs on a regular basis, you can see a sharp increase in your energy costs. IQ Smart Socket can help you see how much energy is consumed by each device.

Rather than leaving a lamp on or letting a fan run all day long, you can control when you want a device to be on or turned off. With IQ Smart Socket, you don’t need to be home to control your devices, so even if you don’t have a device on an automated schedule, you can turn it on and off while you’re on the go.

The Advantages of Having An IQ Smart Socket

Whether you’re trying to conserve energy to be a little more eco-friendly or you want to start saving some money on your energy bills, an IQ Smart Socket is a great place to start. If you use an IQ Panel every day for security and controlling features throughout your home, why not add an IQ Smart Socket.

If you’re away from home a lot or have a vacation planned, you can easily set your lights to turn on at a certain time of day to make it look like someone is home. Maybe you even want to automate a schedule but have it change from day to day.

IQ Smart Socket is the perfect device for customizing a schedule for lights, lamps, and fans while you’re away from home. By simply setting a time for lights to go on and off while you’re away, can add a little extra security to your home.

IQ Smart Socket Features and Specifications

Each IQ Smart Socket can control up to two outlets independently. You can view past energy reports and view energy usage in real-time (either on the IQ device or from your IQ Panel). Customizing schedules and names for your devices can help you to keep your devices and energy usage more organized.

The IQ Smart Socket measures 2.5” x 4” and has an operation frequency of 908.42. The signal range indoor, in an open air condition, is up to about 100 ft. The Smart Socket operates best when the temperatures are between 14 and 122°F and in 5 to 95 percent of non-condensing relative humidity.

Where To Use IQ Smart Socket

You can use your IQ Smart Socket in any standard outlet, and it’s best suited for lamps, small appliances, and electronics. Use your IQ Smart Socket in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or any room where you want to track your energy usage.

When finding a place for your IQ Smart Socket, keep in mind the specifications for temperature and humidity.

Installing Your Smart Socket

Once you’ve decided where you’d like to use the IQ Smart Socket, the installation is simple. Plug the smart socket into the bottom socket of any outlet. On each side, next to each outlet socket on the device, there is a light. When the light is green, this means there’s power to whatever is plugged in.

One each side, below the individual socket on the Smart Socket, there is a control button. This button allows you to change the power measurements and units (from watts to kilowatts). If you hold the button in long enough, the outlet will turn off (as will anything plugged into the IQ Smart Socket).

Pairing Your IQ Smart Socket With The IQ Panel

To get the most out of your IQ Smart Socket, you need to pair it with your IQ Panel. To do this, you should plug the Socket into the outlet closest to your IQ Panel. Once you have paired your device with the IQ Panel, you can move it further away to your desired outlet (as long as it’s within 100 feet of open air).

To pair your IQ Panel with your IQ Smart Socket go to the panel and select “settings,” then “advanced settings.” Next, you will be prompted to enter a code, and you can enter the Dealer code (2222) or the Installer code (1111).

Select “installation,” “home control device,” and then “add device.” You will then be prompted to “learn” or “pair” the device. To do this, “tamper” the device by pressing and releasing the button on the bottom of the Smart Socket.

When the IQ panel detects the Smart Socket device, you will see the default device information. You can customize any of the fields as you wish (such as what is plugged into the right socket and in the left). The more you customize, the easier it will be for you to organize and follow your energy usage.

Once you have customized your IQ Smart Socket as you wish, you can press “Add,” and the IQ Panel will store the device. You must repeat these steps for each IQ Smart Socket you use in your home.

Each socket comes with a securing bracket at the top of the device. All you need to do is plug in the remove the screw from the existing outlet and screw the securing bracket into the outlet.

Resetting or Unpairing

If you find that you want to reset or unpair your IQ Smart Socket from your IQ Panel all you need to do is plug in the Smart Socket in an outlet near the IQ Panel. Going to the settings and using the installer passcode, you will access the Z-Wave installation functions. (These are all the same steps you did when setting up the device).

You will press, “clear the device” and then press your Smart Socket Control button, which is located at the bottom of the device. After you double check that the IQ Smart Socket is unpaired from the panel, the “Q” symbol (for Qolsys) should be gone from the socket.

Brand: Qolsys

Good Plug-In Module
Submitted on 09/28/2020 Alarm Grid

The Qolsys IQ Smart Socket is a discontinued plug-in socket that uses classic Z-Wave technology. By plugging this device into an outlet and pairing it with your Z-Wave network, you can gain smart control for the connected devices. There are two (2) controllable outlets on the Qolsys IQ Smart Socket, and you can control them independently of one another. This makes it very useful for controlling connected devices the way you want. Unfortunately, the device has been discontinued, and it is largely seen as outdated for not using Z-Wave Plus technology. But it was still very good for its time, and some users with classic Z-Wave controllers still continue to seek it out. We give the Qolsys IQ Smart Socket a 5-Star rating.

There are many things to like about the Qolsys IQ Smart Socket. The fact that the two (2) controllable outlets operate independently of one another is a major benefit, as it gives you greater flexibility in controlling the device. The LCD screen on the Qolsys IQ Smart Socket provides wattage information for both of the connected devices. This can be very useful in ensuring that you do not exceed the maximum allowed power load. There are also LED lights on the unit that are good for verifying power and general troubleshooting. We like the fact that there is a slot for an outlet screw to help you secure the plug-in module to an outlet.

There are some downsides for the Qolsys IQ Smart Socket. For one, the device is discontinued, and it can no longer be purchased new. Although the outlets can be controlled independently, only one outlet (No. 1) can be controlled using Z-Wave technology. The other outlet can only be toggled ON/OFF locally at the device. The fact that this device uses classic Z-Wave technology is also seen as a downside, as it will not have as far of a range as a Z-Wave Plus device when paired with a Z-Wave Plus controller. But these downsides are relatively minor, and they do not stop us from giving the IQ Smart Socket a 5-Star score.

Good: Two Controllable Outlets Operate Independently, LCD Screen Offers Wattage Information, LED Lights, Slot for Outlet Screw

Bad: Discontinued, Classic Z-Wave, Only One Outlet Uses Z-Wave

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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