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​IQ Wireless Translator 433 allows you to pair DSC-compatible security sensors that are already in your home with your IQ Panel. Get this great money saving device for those who are replacing an old DSC panel with a Qolsys IQ or IQ Panel 2!
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When you moved into your home, security sensors may have already been in place. Rather than spending money to replace all of the security devices, so that you can use them with your IQ Panel, the IQ Wireless Translator makes them work altogether.

Who Benefits From an IQ Wireless Translator?

Maybe you just bought a new home and don’t have the extra income to update or replace the existing security sensors with Qolsys IQ devices. If you have an IQ Panel, you can’t do much with old and incompatible security sensors unless you have an IQ Wireless Translator.

An IQ Wireless Translator is the perfect addition to any home that has an IQ Panel and anyone who would like to make the most out of the security sensors that are in the home.

How Does The IQ Wireless Translator 433 Work?

The IQ Wireless Translator 433 listens to and translates 433MHz wireless devices; this information is sent to the IQ Panel. With the Translator, security sensors are recognized and are able to work with the IQ Panel for continued, uninterrupted security throughout the home.

It is important to note that while the Translator works with up to 63 security devices, it will not work with wireless safety devices like smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. If you wish to have these types of devices paired up with your IQ Panel, you should purchase IQ Smoke and IQ Carbon.

Features and Specifications of IQ Wireless Translator 433

The IQ Translator transmits Qolsys-compatible wireless and all sensor alarm, supervisory, and trouble signals pass through the translator. The translator has dual antennas so it can receive and transmit signals in a reliable range and works with the IQ Panel within 100 feet.

The dimensions of the Wireless Translator is 4"W x 6"L x 1" D and the external supply is 8.5 to 13 VDC or 6-9 VAC. The translator has 3-AAA backup batteries and has a backup battery life of about 72 hours.

Pairing Your IQ Translator and Your Security Sensor With Your IQ Panel

When you’re ready to pair your sensor with your IQ Panel, they will also be paired with your IQ Translator. The first step is to go to the IQ Panel and put it in “auto learn” mode. To do this, select “settings,” then “advanced settings.”

Next, you will be prompted to enter a code, and you can enter the Installer code (1111). Select “installation,” “security sensors,” and then “auto learn.” Now you can select the behavior for your sensor.

Press the Translator pairing switch until the device type matches the type of device you’re pairing with your IQ Panel. While you may have various brands of security sensors in your home, let’s use a Honeywell device as an example. To tamper the Honeywell device, insert the batteries.

Next, you will see green LED blinks on the Honeywell sensor, and the IQ Translator will beep. A red LED will blink as it transmits to the panel and the IQ Translator transmits to the panel as soon as it learns the new sensor. The IQ Panel learns trip sensor signals at the same time as the Translator.

While this all may be a little bit challenging to understand, as long as the IQ Panel recognizes the IQ Translator, and the Translator can read the signals from the security sensors, the IQ Translator should be able to do all the work and set everything up in your IQ Panel.


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