Wired to Wireless Security System Converters

Make an old, worn out alarm system new again. Connect hardwire sensors to a wired-to-wireless-converter. It sends wireless signals to the system's head unit. Easy to install, extremely reliable. Get yours today!
Honeywell 5800C2W PCB - Hardwire to Wireless System 9-Zone Conversion Module
Honeywell 5800C2W
Hardwire to Wireless System 9-Zone Conversion Module
List Price: $122.00
Our Price: $69.99
Qolsys IQ Hardwire 16-F w/ Large Enclosure
Encrypted 319.5 MHz Wired-to-Wireless Converter
List Price:
Our Price: $168.99
Qolsys IQ Hardwire 16-F - Encrypted Wire-to-Wireless Converter Compatible w/ Qolsys IQ & IQ Panel 2
Qolsys IQ Hardwire 16-F
Encrypted Wire-to-Wireless Converter Compatible w/ Qolsys IQ & IQ Panel 2
List Price: $160.00
Our Price: $105.99
2GIG TAKE-345 - Front
Super Switch Wired to Wireless Takeover Module
List Price: $88.00
Our Price: $57.99
Honeywell 5800C2WPK
9-Zone Wired to Wireless Translator Kit
List Price:
Our Price: $65.99

It is very common for a user to want to upgrade from their older hardwired security system to a newer wireless system. There are many reasons for doing this. By upgrading, the overall capability and function of the security setup can be greatly improved. A wireless panel will also provide more user-friendly experience whenever the user goes to arm or disarm their system. Additionally, making programming changes is easier on a new wireless control panel than on an older hardwired system. However, many users are afraid that by making this upgrade they will need to replace all of their existing security sensors. Fortunately, with wired to wireless system converters, this is often not the case, as the sensors can be used with the new system.

A user with an older hardwired security system will likely have several hardwired security sensors. Replacing these hardwired sensors with wireless ones would be both costly and time-consuming. A wired to wireless security system converter will allow the user to bring these sensors over to their new system. This will save the user a substantial amount of time and money in not having to replace the old sensors. This makes these converters extremely ideal for anyone who wants to go from an older hardwired system to a brand-new wireless panel. Once they have been programmed, the hardwired sensors should continue to function perfectly.

A wired to wireless security system converter works by having hardwired security sensors connect to the converter using direct connections. The converter will then be recognized by the wireless security system as a wireless sensor. All of the hardwired sensors that are connected to the converter will in turn be seen by the panel as wireless sensors. This means that for all intents and purposes, the hardwired sensors will function as wireless sensors with the panel.

Since the hardwired sensors will all connect at the same place, the wireless converter can typically be situated in the previous location of the hardwired security system. This will prevent the user from having to run any new wires, as all of the wires from the old sensors will be already gathered in one convenient spot. The new wireless security system can then be installed in any other location, as long as it is within the wireless signal range of the wired to wireless converter. If necessary, a wireless repeater can be used to increase this range.

When purchasing a wired to wireless converter, the user will need to make sure that it is capable of interfacing with the wireless system. The converter will be seen as a wireless sensor by the security system. Different security systems use wireless sensors of different frequencies. With that in mind, the converter will need to send wireless signals at a frequency that can be recognized by the panel. If the user tries to use a converter that operates at the incorrect frequency, the signal will not be picked up by the panel, and the setup will not work correctly.

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