Resideo IS3035V

Wired PIR Motion Detector w/ 40' x 56' Coverage Area

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The Resideo IS3035V is a hardwired passive infrared (PIR) motion detection sensor. This sensor uses a 4-wire connection and alerts the security system upon detecting the change in infrared energy that occurs with movement. Pet-immunity functionality is possible. Buy the IS3035V here.
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If you need a relatively basic hardwired motion sensor for your wired alarm panel or wired to wireless system converter, then the Resideo IS3035V is certainly an option. This wired motion detection sensor offers a coverage area of up to 40' x 56' when properly mounted at 7.5-feet high.

Detection zones for the Resideo IS3035V from Honeywell include two (2) look-down zones, (18) lower zones, (46) intermediate zones, and (36) long zones. For more on these detection zones, see the bottom of page 2 in the Quick Install Guide. This gives (102) total detection zones for the IS3035V sensor for optimal coverage. The look-down zones are selectable and can be turned-off using DIP switches if desired. Overall, this is a fairly standard motion sensor that works by looking for the changes in infrared (IR) energy that occur when movement is present. This is often referred to as passive infrared (PIR) technology, and it has served as the leading detection method for motion sensors for many years. It uses a Fresnel Lens for its detection optics.

This IS3035V Motion Sensor does not offer Anti-Masking capabilities, so make sure to consider that fact if you believe a savvy intruder may attempt to defeat the sensor by applying a masking substance to the lens. The device uses a 4-wire connection, with two (2) wires being used for power to the motion detector, and the other two (2) wires are for the zone connection. The sensor has a power rating of 9VDC to 15VDC, with all power being supplied from the panel or from a power supply. Pet Immunity for the sensor is rated at up to (80) lbs. Pet Immunity can be turned off via DIP switch settings if it is not needed. The sensor operates successfully in temperatures ranging from 14°F to 131°F, which is -10°C to 55°C. Temperature Compensation is provided as Advanced Dual Slope (ADS) which adjusts at both above and below normal body temperature for improved operation and better false alarm protection. If the ambient room temperature falls outside of the sensor's normal operating range, the motion can signify trouble via the LED and the alarm relay opening until the room temperature returns to within operating parameters. If this occurs when the sensor is armed, an alarm may occur depending on the arming mode. The sensor also supports Uniform Sensitivity Optics for consistent motion detection.

The Fresnel Lens on the Resideo IS3035V is UV Protected to ensure that the sensor functions properly for as long as possible, even if exposed to heavy sunlight. The PIR White Light Immunity is rated at ~6,500 Lux. There is a 6-Pin Terminal block on the motion sensor, with two (2) terminals for power, two (2) terminals for a normally closed (NC) zone, and two terminals for a normally closed (NC) tamper. You can enter a special Walk Test mode for the sensor using the well-known "flashlight method" from Honeywell and Resideo. This sensor is certified by UL, ULc, and the Security Industry Association (SIA) for false alarm prevention. Wall-mounting hardware is included, including screws and wall mounts. Lens masking tape is also included, in the event a portion of the detection area needs to be disabled. Advanced mounting features such as screw retention are included.


  • Sensor Type: Hardwired Motion Detection Sensor
  • Motion Sensor Type: Passive Infrared (PIR)
  • Connection Type: 4-Wire
  • Power Rating: 9VDC to 15VDC
  • Coverage Area: Up to 40' by 56' (12m to 17m)
  • Mounting Height: 7.5' or 2.3m (Optimal) ; From 6'9" to 8'9" or 2.1m to 2.7m High (Range)
  • Total Detection Zones: 102
  • Look-Down Zones: 2 (Can Disable)
  • Lower Detection Zones: 18
  • Intermediate Zones: 46
  • Long Zones: 36
  • Detection Optics: Fresnel Lens (UV Protected)
  • PIR White Light Immunity: ~6,500 Lux
  • Screw Terminals: 6
  • Anti-Masking: No
  • Tamper: Wall and Cover, enabled when the tamper circuit is connected to a zone
  • Pet Immunity (PI): Up to 80 lbs or 36.3 kg (Can Disable)
  • Uniform Sensitivity Optics: Yes
  • Walk Test: Flashlight Method
  • Temperature Compensation: Advanced Dual Slope (ADS)
  • Operating Temperature: 14°F to 131°F (-10°C to 55°C)
  • Certifying Agencies: UL, ULc, SIA
  • Mounting Hardware: Screws & Wall Mounts
  • Advanced Mounting Features: Screw Retention

Brand: Honeywell Resideo

The IS3035V is compatible with the SMB-10 swivel mount. According to your site, the swivel mount is discontinued. What is the replacement model number of a swivel mount? If none exists, what pet-friendly wired motion sensor with a swivel mount do you recommend to work with a Vista P system? Thanks!
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