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The Resolution Products RE204 is a wireless driveway sensor designed to detect vehicles entering a secured premise. It is compatible with...

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The Resolution Products RE204 is a wireless driveway sensor designed to detect vehicles entering a secured premise. It is compatible with Honeywell and 2GIG alarm systems. The RE204 uses a sensor to detect a change in the earth's magnetic field. Vehicles alter the local magnetic field around them. Therefore when a car passes down a driveway it will shift the magnetic field and trip the sensor. This means no false alarms from animals, leaves, or anything else blowing in the wind; unlike passive infrared motion detectors which tend to cause false alarms in an outdoor environment. Ideally the device should be installed at least 24 feet from the street to avoid false alarms; no more than 2/3 the maximum wireless range of the RF receiver to ensure reliable RF connectivity; and within 12 feet of the target vehicle or center of the driveway.

This is a great product for homeowners or business owners looking to setup local and remote alerts when vehicles enter their property. Honeywell and 2GIG alarm systems can be configured to setup local keypad chime and voice announcements as well as text and email alerts via Alarmnet or Yes you can get a text anytime a vehicle enters your driveway!

The RE204 is a fixed dome sensor (5.1 inches x 3.8 inches) that is fully weatherproof and functional between temperatures of 0F and 120F. The unit is powered by a C-Cell Energizer battery. Battery life should be anywhere between 3 to 5 years. The positive (+) should be opposite the springs. Keep in mind, that extreme temperature fluctuations and extreme humidity can adversely affect the function of this unit and the battery life.

This device comes with a right angle assembly that can be mounted on a non-metallic stake or pole at around door-handle height. The sturdier the better to reduce false alarms. There is a sensitivity jumper pin located on the board. You can choose between low, medium and high sensitivity levels which equate to short, medium and extended catch radius distances. Keep in mind, that the short catch radius is more likely to miss a passing vehicle and the extended catch radius is more likely to false trip. We always recommend medium sensitivity if possible.

The RE204 will auto-enroll into your alarm panel by placing your system in learning mode and inserting the battery. It should automatically enroll the serial and loop number. If you prefer to manually enroll it, assign the zone to loop 2.

**Please note: Similar to the transmission lockout feature on the Honeywell wireless motions, this device has a 30 second lockout after it is tripped. So wait around 40 seconds between detection tests.**

Brand: Resolution Products

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