What Kind of Batteries are Required for a Resolution Products RE204 Driveway Sensor?

The kind of batteries that are required for a Resolution Products RE204 Driveway Sensor are C batteries. The device has an average battery life of three to five years. At that point, the battery must be replaced with a new one. Temperature fluctuations and humidity can effect battery life.

The Resolution Products RE204 is a wireless driveway sensor that operates at 345 MHz. This makes it compatible with most Honeywell and 2GIG Alarm Systems. The device is used to detect the presence of vehicles that enter into a secured premises. Homeowners and businesses who want to receive remote alerts when a vehicle enters onto their property can receive great benefits from this sensor.

The RE204 works by using a sensor that looks for changes in the earth's magnetic field. A vehicle coming into the designated zone will alter the magnetic field that is detected and cause an alarm. With this unique detection method, the sensor will not be activated due to animals or other objects. It is very common for PIR motion detectors to be accidentally triggered by wild animals.

The sensor itself is a fixed dome sensor that measures 5.1" by 3.8". It is completely weatherproof, and it will function in temperatures ranging from 0 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes with a right-angle assembly that can be mounted on a non-metal stake or a pole at roughly the height of a standard door handle. Keeping the device sturdy is the best way to prevent any false alarms. The device features settings for low, medium and high sensitivity.

To enroll the RE204, you should put your system in its wireless enroll mode, and then power on the RE204 by inserting the C battery. Make sure the battery is facing the proper direction when doing this. The sensor should be assigned to Loop Number 2 for proper operation.

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