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The Somfy Z-Wave to Digital Motor Interface (ZDMI) is a retrofit option designed to integrate Z-Wave control to your exising motorized wi...
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The Somfy Z-Wave to Digital Motor Interface (ZDMI) is a retrofit option designed to integrate Z-Wave control to your exising motorized window coverings. The ZDMI wires directly to the shade motor with a maximum distance of 30 feet between the motor and the interface. Unlike the Somfy ZRSTi which is translating Somfy's proprietary wireless technology (RTS) to Z-Wave, the ZDMI is a bridge that converts your existing hardwired motors to Z-Wave. It is specifically outfitted to control the Sonesse 50 ILT2 and the Sonesse 30 RS485 motors. The 50 ILT2 motor configuration uses 120VAC while the 30 RS485 motor requires 24VDC.

The ILT2 motor plugs directly into a nearby AC receptacle for power. So the only connection to the ZDMI is the ILT COM cable. The RS485 motor requires a 24VDC power connection as well as the RS485 COM cable. Unlike the ILT2 that draws power directly from the motor, the RS485 motor requires the existing 24VDC power supply be wired to the ZDMI. Then the low voltage is patched into the motor from the ZDMI along with the RS485 COM cable. Each motor requires its own ZDMI for discrete control.

Alarm manufacturers like Honeywell and 2GIG continue to delve deeper into automation and technology integration. Why not tie in your existing shade controllers to your Total Connect 2.0 or app. Unfortunately, the type of control that the ZDMI offers may vary based on the automation controller being deployed. For example, the Honeywell L5100-Zwave module can send discrete open and close commands via Total Connect. However there is no stop command so there is no way to remotely set your shades for any setting besides fully open or closed. This may change over time but there is a limitation to the type of control different hubs offer.

Brand: Somfy

Good Z-Wave Curtain Controller
Submitted on 01/02/2020 Alarm Grid

The Somfy ZDMI is a Z-wave shade controller. It is a relay module that connects with a shade motor for controlling the blinds or curtains. The name ZDMI stands for Z-Wave to Digital Motor Interface. By using this device, you can control your blinds, curtains, or other motorized window coverings. As a Z-Wave device, it is universally compatible with most Z-Wave controllers. Keep in mind that some Z-Wave hubs might see the device as a light switch or something other than a relay for window coverings. The Somfy ZDMI works great as a Z-Wave relay for curtains, and we give it 5 Stars.

There are many things we like about the Somfy ZDMI. For one, it is one of the few home automation options that provides smart control for a motorized curtain controller. This can be extremely convenient if you want to control your blinds while you are away from home or have them activate automatically with smart scenes. The device is easy to operate and install. It gets its power from the curtain motor, so you don't need to plug-in the ZDMI. We also like the fact that the wire between the ZDMI and the shade motor can run a maximum distance of 30 feet. This gives you great flexibility in choosing an installation location.

However, there are some downsides to the Somfy ZDMI. For one, it is specifically designed for use with Sonesse 50 ILT2 and Sonesse 30 RS485 curtain motors. You may not be able to use it with other curtain motors, so make sure to check compatibility before purchasing. Additionally, you may experience some limitations when using the Somfy ZDMI to open the curtains partially. For example, many Z-Wave controllers can only use the Somfy ZDMI to either open the curtains completely or shut them completely. If you want to open the curtains part-way, then you might not be able to using the Somfy ZDMI. But if you are just wanting to open or close the curtains, then it should work just fine. One final downside to the Somfy ZDMI is that it uses standard Z-Wave, not Z-Wave Plus.

Overall, we think the Somfy ZDMI is a great option for users with a compatible curtain motor. Just make sure to keep its limitations in mind. We give it a 5-Star rating.

Good: Controls Motorized Curtain Controller, Easy to Operate and Install, Gets Power from Motor, 30-Foot Wire Run from ZDMI to Motor

Bad: Only Designed for Certain Curtain Motors, Most Z-Wave Controllers Only Allow for Complete Opening/Closing, Standard Z-Wave

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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