Telguard TGFX-HUB1

FlexHub Z-Wave Automation Controller for HomeControl Flex

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The Telguard FlexHub is a Z-Wave controller that lets users control their Z-Wave home automation devices through the Telguard platform. The module connects with the Telguard network through an internet connection. Purchase the Telguard FlexHub Z-Wave Controller from Alarm Grid.

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If you have an alarm panel connected with the Telguard interactive service, then you will want the Telguard FlexHub to control your Z-Wave smart home devices.The module connects to the internet and serves as a hub for the user's Z-Wave peripherals. It requires access to the Telguard network.

An alarm system needs a Telguard communicator to connect with the Telguard network. An example is the Telguard TG-1 Express, which tricks a panel's phone dialer into sending out signals across a cellular network. By accessing the Telguard HomeControl Flex App, a user can Arm and Disarm their system as needed and check current system status.

Adding a Telguard FlexHub will allow the user to use Z-Wave smart home devices with the Telguard platform. The FlexHub is paired with the Telguard network through an internet connection, and any paired Z-Wave devices will be made available through the user's Telguard account. The user can access their Telguard FlexHub account through the HomeControl Flex website or by using the corresponding mobile app.

Any Z-Wave device that is used with the Telguard network will need to be paired with the FlexHub module. It is a good idea to exclude the Z-Wave device using the FlexHub, before attempting to pair the device. The Z-Wave device may need to be in close proximity to the FlexHub for the module to recognize the signals. This is true in the case of some Z-Wave door locks.

Brand: Telguard

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