Flush Mount Single Gang 3-Tone Chime

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​The WBOX 0E-1GANGCHIM Flush Mount Single Gang 3-Tone Chime offers high and low volume options and three (3) different tone selections. The wired chime fits conveniently into a single-gang box. It is white in color, and it only draws up to 180mA of current. Buy the WBOX 0E-1GANGCHIM here.
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Those needing a wired chime for their system can get great results out of the WBOX 0E-1GANGCHIM. This is technically a flush-mount siren with a max sound output of 87dB. With its low volume, the device is often used as a secondary chime that will spread sounds further across the building.

There are many great features that come with the WBOX 0E-1GANGCHIM. The device offers three (3) tone options, with the selections of a fading tone chime, a single tone chime, and a dual tone chime being available. You can also set how many chimes will occur with each trigger, as the options of single chime, three (3) chimes, and a continuous chime are all available. You can even set a high or low volume for the device. Just remember that the max volume is only 87dB.

The fact that this chime fits into a single gang electrical box is a nice touch, as it makes it easy to find an installation spot. Users will also appreciate the fact that the TBOX 0E-1GANGCHIM only draws a very small amount of power from the panel. At its max setting, the device only draws 180mA of current while activate, which isn't too much to factor into your system's power load. To function as a secondary chime, set another device to serve as the trigger. Then you can have a chime occur in a completely different location than your system's keypad!


  • Device Type: Wired Flush Mount Siren
  • Tone Options: Fading, Single, Dual
  • Chime Options: Single, Three, Continuous
  • Volume Selection: High/Low
  • Mounting Style: Single Gang Flush Mount
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Use Only
  • Current Draw: 90mA to 180mA
  • Dimensions: 4.5"L x 2.75"W x 1"D
  • Weight: 1.9 Ounces
  • Color: White

Brand: WBOX

Nice Smaller Siren
Submitted on 08/18/2020 Alarm Grid

The WBOX 0E-1GANGCHIM is a recessed flush-mount siren that fits into a single gang electrical box. The device connects with a panel at its bell output terminals. The panel will then activate the siren when the system goes into alarm. This way, building occupants will be alerted to the situation, and they will know to take proper action. This is a very effective smaller siren that is easy to use and install. However, users looking for a louder siren might feel underwhelmed when using this device. But due to the strong benefits of this device, we give it a 5-Star rating.

There are many aspects we like about this siren. It has three (3) tone options, as users can choose between a fading tone chime, a single tone chime, and a dual tone chime. Users can also set how many chimes per trigger, with the options of single chime, three chimes, and continuous chime. The device has high and low volume options for added versatility. The fact that this device fits into a single gang electrical box is nice, as you know it won't take up much space. The device does not draw much current from the panel, as it will use no more than 180mA of current. This is great if do not have much power available on your system. We also like this siren for use as a secondary chime location. This is done by setting up another device to serve as a trigger for the siren. When set up to produce a single chime, it works great in that aspect.

There are not many downsides for the WBOX 0E-1GANGCHIM. The biggest shortcoming of the device is the fact that it is not very powerful, and it can only produce sounds of up to 87dB at its highest volume setting. This really makes it only suitable for smaller residential installations. And even then, you might want to add a second siren to spread the sound around a bit more. And like any hardwired siren, the device will need to be wired and connected with the panel. But these downsides do not stop us from giving the product a 5-Star rating. It is a good smaller siren if that's what is needed for the installation.

Good: Three (3) Tone Options, Three (3) Chime Options, High/Low Volume Selection, Fits Into Single Gang Box, Does Not Draw Much Current, Can be Used as a Secondary Chime

Bad: Not Very Loud, Requires Wiring

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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