Honeywell L5000PK - L5000 LYNX Touch Wireless Security System

Took 3 hours, and I neve rhad to think abotu it again
Submitted on 09/03/2012 Alarmfile

Got the system up and running in about 2.5/3 hours. It wasn't a problem at all. I have installed systems before, so this wasn't new to me at all. the L5000 control panel tha tis included is goign to be obsolete. I think they are switching it out for the L5100 which in my experience is a better panel. But this one was perfect for what we needed. It doens' thave as much functionality as the L5100, but it does a lot and it does it in a way that is difficult to screw up.

A+ from us.

Honeywell L5100 - LYNX Touch Wireless Alarm Control Panel

Love my L5100
Submitted on 08/29/2012 Vicki

this control panel does everything that we needed. Me and my husband to all the extras and we are using it to automate our entire home using the zwave technology. we love it and are planning on getting another for our cabin since we're rarly there and think it would be a good idea to have something to monitor our home away from home.