VERSA-DSC - Wireless Door/Window Sensor for DSC Alarm Systems

Very stable and easy to use
Submitted on 01/16/2021 Amin

Normally I have to check on the control panel to see whether the magnet can be detected. With this there is no need to. It has a blue light indicator if the manget is detected. Additionally it has a red light to indicate battery low - haven't got chance to see it yet since the battery is still ok

DSC PG9920 - PowerG 915MHz Wireless Repeater

Good PowerG Repeater
Submitted on 12/31/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC PG9920 Wireless Repeater takes the encrypted signals sent out from PowerG devices and repeats them a second time to effectively double their range. PowerG Sensors already boast a remarkable range on their own, as they can communicate from up to 2km away from certain panels in an open air environment. Placing the DSC PG9920 directly in the middle between the sensor and the panel in an open air environment can theoretically allow for up to 4km in communication range. Usually, this distance is somewhat smaller in actual practice, due to placement and obstacles that disrupt range, but it is still very far for wireless sensors. We think that the DSC PG9920 works great for its intended purpose, and we give it a perfect 5-Star rating.

There are many positive aspects associated with the PG9920. For one, it effectively doubles the range of PowerG Sensors. The module can be enrolled with your panel so that it monitors for things like AC loss, low battery, loss of RF supervision, and cover tamper. We also like the fact that the PG9920 sends out 128-bit AES encrypted signals, so any communication between the system and the sensors remains secured. The LED light on the unit is helpful for setup and troubleshooting, so that's a nice touch. And we appreciate that the device can be auto-enrolled with any system that supports PowerG Sensors.

There are not many downsides associated with the PG9920. One issue is that it is for PowerG Sensors only, which somewhat limits its use. The module is a bit on the large side, so you will need to find a good spot to put it. The backup battery for the device comes included, but it will eventually need to be replaced, so keep that in mind. But overall, we still score this product 5 Stars.

Good: Doubles PowerG Range, Enroll w/ Panel to Monitor for Trouble Conditions, Encrypted, LED Light, Auto-Enroll

Bad: PowerG Sensors Only, A Bit Large, Battery Has Limited Life

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Honeywell IPCAM-WOPS - IPCAM-WO Power Supply 12VDC, 1A

Good Power Supply for IPCAM-WO
Submitted on 12/31/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell IPCAM-WOPS is a power supply plug in transformer for a Honeywell ICAM-WO Outdoor Security Camera. The Honeywell IPCAM-WO has been discontinued, and so has the IPCAM-WOPS. If you need to replace the power supply for an existing Honeywell IPCAM-WO, then you will want to get the IPCAM-WOPS. Finding a user model is probably your best bet, as you are unlikely to find a new model anywhere. But luckily, a used model should still work well, provided that it has not been damaged. While the Honeywell IPCAM-WOPS is a very specific product with a limited range of functions, we still give it 5 Stars, as you really don't have another viable option for a Honeywell IPCAM-WO.

There are some positive aspects associated with the Honeywell IPCAM-WOPS. For one, the cable is very easy to connect with the camera, making it almost fool-proof. The cord is fixed to the transformer, which has its pros and cons, but this means that you do not need a screwdriver to complete the connection. The transformer can be plugged into a standard US outlet, which gives you many options for choosing a final installation location for your Honeywell Security Camera.

But there are also some downsides for the Honeywell IPCAM-WOPS. Since the cord is fixed to the transformer and unable to be removed, a damaged cord usually means you have to replace the entire unit. This is unlike a transformer with a detachable cable, as then the problem can be fixed by simply attaching a new wire. One other big limitation with the IPCAM-WOPS is that its cable is only 6-feet in length. Many users will need to get an extension wire to complete the desired setup, as this cable is just too short. And since this power supply is for the IPCAM-WO only, it has very limited functionality. But these downsides do not sway us from giving the product a 5-Star score.

Good: Easy to Connect, No Screwdriver Needed, Plugs Into US Outlet

Bad: Damaged Cord Cannot Be Easily Fixed, Short Cord, For IPCAM-WOPS Only

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Qolsys IQ Panel AT&T - 7" Security Panel w/ Z-Wave, AT&T Cell Communicator

Need to Replace Panel
Submitted on 12/31/2020 Alarm Grid

The original Qolsys IQ Panel AT&T is a discontinued security system. This system can no longer be purchased new, and since it has an integrated AT&T 3G Communicator that cannot be replaced, you also cannot activate this system for new alarm monitoring service. If you have an existing model of one of these systems, then you should understand that it will stop working for monitoring service once AT&T shuts down their 3G network. This is commonly referred to as the 3G sunset, and it is leaving many users in a scramble to upgrade to a system that supports LTE. For many systems, this is as simple as replacing the existing 3G communicator with an LTE model. But you can't do that with the original IQ Panel, leaving users with no choice but to replace the entire system. With that in mind, we only give the Qolsys IQ Panel AT&T a 3-Star rating.

There are some positive aspects associated with the Qolsys IQ Panel AT&T. It has touchscreen controls, which was fairly innovative when it was first released. The full-color menus are easy to navigate. And the system supported functionality with And the system has an internal Z-Wave control for setting up automation. But the downsides are pretty crushing here. For one, the panel is quite bulky and fat by modern standards. The internal communicator can no longer be activated for monitoring service. Anyone with a system that is currently activated will need to replace it before AT&T shuts down their 3G network, or else they risk losing out on monitoring service. And the internal communicator not being replaceable is also a major downfall. Because of these downsides, we give the Qolsys IQ Panel AT&T a 3-Star rating, and even that might be generous.

Good: Touchscreen, Colorful Menus,, Z-Wave

Bad: Bulky, Cannot Activate 3G Communicator, Must Be Replaced Before 3G Sunset, Cannot Swap Out communicator

Bottom Line: 3 Stars

Interlogix TX-4200-01-1 - Wireless Personal Panic Device

Good Personal Panic
Submitted on 12/31/2020 Alarm Grid

The Interlogix TX-4200-01-1 is discontinued wearable panic button that operates at 319.5 MHz. You pair the device with your compatible alarm panel to a wireless zone, and then you can press the button on the device to trigger an immediate alarm if you need help. The device can be set up to trigger a police panic, a fire alarm, or an auxiliary medical alarm, depending on how you program the associated wireless zone. Overall, this is a nice panic button, and it offers some cool features. That is why we give it a 5-Star rating.

There are many positive aspects associated with the Interlogix TX-4200-01-1. For one, you can program the device to trigger the type of alarm that you want, which makes it quite versatile. The sensor is wearable, as you or your loved one can keep it on at all times as a wristband or necklace. It is also water-resistant with an IP68 rating, allowing it to be taken into the shower without any problem. It can also resist chlorine and UV rays. There is an LED light on the device to let you know when it has been successfully activated. You need to press and hold the button to activate, which helps prevent false alarms.

There are not many downsides for the Interlogix TX-4200-01-1. One obvious issue is that the device has been discontinued, so you are unlikely to find it new. Used models should still work okay though. Also, you can only program it for one zone and function. This means that you can't use the device for multiple functions, such as being used for both police panics and medical alarms. Other issues include the device's finite wireless range and the need to periodically replace its batteries. But these issues are relatively minor, and we still give the TX-4200-01-1 a 5-Star rating.

Good: Choose Alarm Type In Programming, Wearable, IP68, Resists Chlorine & UV Rays, LED Light, Prevents False Alarms

Bad: Discontinued, Only Program For One Function, Limited Range, Requires Batteries

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

2GIG GC3PK10-3G-R - 3G Roger's (Canada) Security System, 10 Door/Window Sensors, Motion Sensor, 8-ft Cable

Discontinued System Kit
Submitted on 12/30/2020 Alarm Grid

The 2GIG GC3PK10-3G-R is a discontinued security system kit from Alarm Grid. It included a 2GIG GC3 System, ten (10) door and window sensors, one (1) motion detection sensor, a Honeywell LT-Cable, and a Rogers 3G Communicator. The good thing about this kit is that it allowed for dual-path connectivity, as the GC3 has built-in WIFI, and the Rogers 3G Communicator provided important cellular backup. But this kit is no longer recommended, as the Rogers 3G Communicator can no longer be activated for monitoring service as a result of the impending 3G sunset. And once the Rogers 3G Network is shut down, any previously activated communicator will stop working entirely. That is why anyone still using this system and communicator combo should upgrade to an LTE communicator as soon as possible. Also, the GC3 itself has been discontinued, so some users may prefer to upgrade to something newer like the 2GIG GC3e, or even the 2GIG Edge that is set to be released in February 2021. With this in mind, we only give the 2GIG GC3PK10-3G-R a 3-Star rating.

There are some positive aspects regarding the 2GIG GC3PK10-3G-R. The system and sensors have a great build-quality. The kit was dual-path, though you can no longer activate the cellular communicator. It supported, which was great for controlling the system remotely. And the GC3 has built-in Z-Wave Plus so that you can set up an automation network around the system. But the downsides should not be ignored here. The kit is discontinued. The communicator can no longer be activated. And the communicator will stop working entire once the Rogers 3G Network is shut down. While this was once a good option for users in Canada, we can no longer recommend the 2GIG GC3PK10-3G-R. That is why we rate this product 3 Stars.

Good: Good Build Quality, Dual-Path,, Z-Wave Plus

Bad: Discontinued, Communicator Cannot Be Activated, Communicator Will Stop Working Soon

Bottom Line: 3 Stars

Resolution Products RE224TH - 2GIG to Honeywell Wireless Translator

Very Limited Function
Submitted on 12/30/2020 Alarm Grid

The Resolution Products RE224TH is a discontinued wireless translator that takes the 345 MHz 2GIG signal and converts it into a 345 MHz Honeywell signal, much like what is transmitted by the Honeywell 5800 Sensors. The device also effectively acts as a wireless repeater, as the signal is sent out a second time. Remember that you can only repeat a 345 MHz signal once, so do not try to use this device alongside another repeater or translator. Really, this is a device with a very limited and super specific function, and there are universal translator options readily available that do the same thing as the RE224TH, plus more. That is why we only give the RE224TH a 3-Star rating.

There are some positive aspects regarding the Resolution Products RE224TH. It is effective at converting the 2GIG signal and converting it into the Honeywell 345 MHz signal. This can be good if you want to see non-encrypted 2GIG Sensors with a Honeywell LYNX Touch System or a Honeywell VISTA System with an added receiver module. The device comes with a plug-in transformer, and you can also keep it powered for up to 72 hours using three (3) AAA batteries. You don't need to enroll the RE224TH with your alarm system, which is pretty convenient. But you can still program to monitor for low battery, cover tamper, and RF supervision.

But the downsides for the RE224TH are pretty major. This product only serves a very limited function. Most users would instead be better off getting a universal translator or even upgrading their system to something that can readily support the 2GIG Sensors. Also, this item is discontinued, and you are very unlikely to find it new. With these downsides in mind, we only give the RE224TH a score of Three Stars.

Good: Effectively Converts Signal, Includes Transformer, Can Use AAA Batteries For Backup, No Enrollment Needed, Can Optionally Enroll

Bad: Very Limited Purpose & Function, Discontinued

Bottom Line: 3 Stars

Honeywell 5819WHS - Wireless Transmitter with Integrated Shock Sensor

Alarm Grid Recommends!
Submitted on 12/30/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 5819WHS is a discontinued shock sensor and wireless transmitter. The wireless device operates at 345 MHz, so you can use it with compatible wireless alarm systems that support the frequency. This includes many systems from Honeywell and 2GIG. The device uses three (3) separate Loop Numbers, with Loop Number 1 being the device's built-in shock sensor, Loop Number 2 being for the device's internal reed switch that allows the 5819WHS to function as a contact sensor, and Loop Number 3 being for the sensor's wireless transmitter capabilities. With the transmitter, you connect a wired NC contact sensor to the 5819WHS so that it can be used with your 345 MHz alarm system. As the 5819WHS has so many features and great functionality, we give it a 5-Star rating.

As mentioned already, the 5819WHS offers many features and capabilities, which has to be seen as a positive aspect. Unlike earlier models the shock sensor for the 5819WHS is built inside the unit. It's not a mere shock processor where you have to connect a wired unit. We also like how the unit has a selectable response time that is adjusted using its internal DIP switches. You can also adjust the sensitivity for the device, which is great for enhanced customization. There are not many downsides for the 5819WHS, but one shortcoming is the fact that the sensor is discontinued, and you probably won't find a new model anywhere. While the sensor has three (3) programmable functions, you will need to assign the device to three different zones on the system if you want to use all these functions. Also, no magnet is included with the sensor, so you must supply your own if you want to use the device as a contact sensor. All things considered, we give the 5819WHS a 5-Star score.

Good: Many Features & Functions, Integrated Shock Sensor, Selectable Response Time, Adjustable Sensitivity

Bad: Discontinued, Requires Three (3) Zones For Complete Functionality

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

SDI SOLOA10 - Smoke Detector Tester, 4.8oz Can

Good Canned Smoke
Submitted on 12/30/2020 Alarm Grid

The SDI SOLOA10 is 4.8 oz container of smoke that is used for testing smoke detectors. The can includes a nozzle that you attach, and then you spray the smoke into the vents on your smoke detector. The smoke detector should then activate, indicating that it is functioning properly. Before doing this, you want to make sure to put your system on test mode, as you might otherwise cause a false alarm on your security system. This smoke detector tester works quite well, but it is a rather small can. The small size aside, we still give the SDI SOLOA10 a 5-Star rating.

There are some key positive aspects that we like about the SDI SOLOA10. For one, we have found that the smoke inside the can is very effective in testing smoke detectors of any variety.The device is easy to use, and it includes clear and easy to understand instructions right on the can. The included nozzle makes it very easy to direct the smoke to the desired location. The product does not leave any harmful residue, and it is both non-flammable and non-toxic for the safety of the user. We also like the bright blue cap that makes it easy to identify and locate the container. And while the product is from SDI, it works with smoke detectors from pretty much any manufacturer.

There are not many downsides for the SDI SOLOA10 Canned Smoke. The biggest downside is that the can is quite small. It is only 4.8 ounces. Although most people only use this can of smoke a few times per year for testing, they will probably still be buying a new can every few years because it is just so small. But that aside, we can still confidently give the SDI SOLOA10 a 5-Star rating.

Good: Effective For Testing, Easy to Use, Nozzle, No Residue, Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Bright Blue Cap, Works w/ Smoke Detectors From Any Manufacturer

Bad: Small Can

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-TM - T-Mobile Cellular Communicator for Simon XT, XTi & XTi-5

Old 3G Communicator
Submitted on 12/30/2020 Alarm Grid

The Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-TM is an old 3G communicator that used the T-Mobile 3G Network for service. This module was used with Interlogix Simon Series Panels, including the Simon XT, Simon XTi, and Simon XTi-5. This communicator can no longer be activated for monitoring service, as 3G cellular networks are being phased out. And once T-Mobile shuts down their 3G network, then it will stop working entirely. As such, we can no longer recommend buying or using this communicator. Anyone with an existing T-Mobile 3G Communicator should upgrade to an LTE module as soon as possible. LTE Communicators with service from AT&T or Verizon are readily available. As for this unit, we only give it a 3-Star rating, as it is really no longer suitable for use.

Some positive aspects for the Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-TM include the fact that it offered very reliable connectivity, as most cellular communicators do, and it also was compatible with If your monitoring plan included access to, then you could use that platform to control your Interlogix System remotely. This could be done using the website or mobile app. The communicator was also quite verstile, as it worked with most Interlogix Simon Panels. But the Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-TM has some serious downsides that adversely affect its score. The communicator can no longer be activated for new monitoring service, as 3G activations are no longer allowed. And if you have a unit that is currently activated, then you need to replace it before the T-Mobile 3G Network is shut down, or else your system will no longer remain connected for alarm monitoring. One other downside for the unit is that it had to be physically installed inside the panel which is a bit inconvenient. All things considered, we give the Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-TM a score of 3 Stars.

Good: Reliable,, For Interlogix Simon Panels

Bad: Cannot Be Activated, Will Soon Stop Working, Must Be Installed

Bottom Line: 3 Stars