Bill E. from Floral Park, NY

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What Is Your Alarm Grid Story?

I picked Alarm Grid because choice of features is flexible and affordable. I could find exactly what I wanted.

I did not shop around as the Honeywell system was recommended by a friend and I also have friends who have professionally installed systems. I would estimate that I saved several hundred dollars over others and my ongoing costs are considerably less.

Installing my Honeywell Lynx 5100, the system I purchased, was really pretty easy. I have since added the wifi module as well as Z-wave for an outlet. Connecting to the network was not a problem and your videos are always clear and helpful.

I used a few of the online resources. I also called with a few questions on automation programming. The Alarm Grid videos are very helpful but, better yet, my phone experience with technical staff has always been very good. When I first installed the system I had questions about the home automation programming as well as setting up some of the zone alarms. Top shelf service all around.

There is a comfort feeling to be aware of any activity in and around the house both when I am home and away. This is my first system and I am very happy. I plan to purchase one for my son and his wife when they move into their home.

Tell Us About Your Alarm and Home Automation Setup...

The Z-wave outlet controls some lighting when an alarm gets activated. Since I have the light anyway I programmed some automation for evening light control. I also plan to add a few more so that if we come home and disarm with the fob several lights will go on.

My system does not say “front door” when I walk in, nor do I want it to. I like it because it is a flexible and easy to use system. Did I mention that I have the app on my Android phone to monitor activity? And, I get text alerts as well. Total Connect is a great add on. I get text alerts when my family disarms and arms the system and text alerts for any alarm condition. The Android app is quite handy and gives you full control of the system.