Brian R. from Woodmere, NY

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Tell Us About Your Automation Setup?

I have home automation. I have the ADC SEM and control everything via the ADC app.

Having home automation is great and having it integrated with the alarm is even better

Seeing and controlling everything from the ADC app is great. I can easily make sure my house is comfortable while I am in it and I don’t waste money while I am not.

How Did You End Up Selecting Alarm Grid? And How Has Your Experience Been?

I spoke to several companies. All of them tried to sell me one specific solution without really understanding my needs. Alarm Grid really tried to help me. Later, whenever I filed tickets, I received responses quickly and the rep tried hard to make suggestions that actually helped.

Unlike most companies, AlarmGrid doesn’t make you speak to an idiot before they fetch you someone knowledgeable.

On several occasions I have reached out with things I can’t seem to make the system do. The support rep always tries to figure something out. He/she is always patient and really cares about solving problems for customers.