Chris T. from Waterloo, SC

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

Was Installing Your System Easy?

When I installed my system, it was very easy. If I ran into a snag I
contacted alarm grid and they walk me through any questions I had. The
Wireless sensors were a breeze to install.

Why Did You Pick Alarm Grid?

I picked alarm grid over other companies because there was no contract.
I also picked them because of the low cost. I also chose them, for the
level of personal service that I was given when I was inquiring about their
monitoring services.

Did You Use Alarm Grid's Online Resources to Perform Your Installation?

I used Alarm grids YouTube channel quite often during installation and
set up. But how to videos on the channel were extremely helpful. I
especially liked the installation video of the wi fi circuit board.

Do You Use Interactive Services?

I have total connect interactive services sync with my alarm system. It
is extremely helpful if I leave and forget to arm my system because I can
arm it from my smart phone. I received an alert every time the panel is
armed or disarmed telling me which user and what time the panel was set.
This is especially helpful to know that my children are safe if they get
home before me from school.

What Are Your Thoughts on Alarm Grid's Customer Service?

Alarm grids excellent customer service is one of the best things they
have going for them. I have on several occasions spoken with Sterling
himself regarding any issues that might come up. They were extremely
helpful and quick to respond to any question I may have had.