Travis K. from Eatonton, GA

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How easy was installing the DIY security system you purchased from Alarm Grid?

It was so easy to install I couldn't believe it. It was a matter of drilling a few holes into my doors, and then using a few screws to put in the sensors. I didn't use the industrial strength sticky tape to install glass break detectors or smoke detectors, which would have made things even easier because I have stippled ceiling.

What made you decide to allow Alarm Grid to monitor your system?

Alarm Grid's rates were competitive with all the local companies. And as far as other online companies go, Alarm Grid worked with me to set everything up. They worked with me to get everything put together. And when we ran into some communication troubles, they spent a lot of time working to make sure that I got that problem solved. No other company was as hands on and available as Alarm Grid.

Does Alarm Grid's monitoring make you feel safer?

We're in a remote area around a large reservoir. Even though we have neighbors, they aren't always here. When I'm away from the house, my wife is satisfied that the system is monitored. When we were having communication troubles, we got very quick calls from the central station which gave us confidence that the system was being watched.

How much did installing the system yourself save you?

We got an estimate from a local Georgia installer. They gave me an estimate to install the Lynx Plus 3000. Just for the install and the products, we saved about $1300.

What about your experience would make you recommend Alarm Grid to other people?

The support is amazing. We absolutely loved dealing with Mr. Donnelly. They took me through everything, recommending parts that I didn't know I needed and telling me why parts I thought I needed might not be good for me to purchase.

Are you taking advantage of the homeowners insurance discount?

We are saving 10% on our insurance.