Darryl H. from Dubuque, IA

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How'd you end up at Alarm Grid?

After much reviewing of other alarm companies website, I decided after seeing the reviews and how much effort Alarm grid puts into making customers satisfied I would give them a try. I can not express how happy we are that we enlisted their services for our monitoring. It has been very satisfying that they have such great customer service and Sterling will do his best to teach you things you might never have known about your system.

Did our video resources help?

I have used the YouTube channels numerous times to install different sensors. Sterling and his staff make sure you know exactly how to install and program this without any hiccups. The videos are made for do-it-yourself people like myself that like to get the satisfaction of knowing your system and how to operate it.

Does the Alarm Grid system give you peace of mind when you leave your home?

I love our home security system knowing that when I walk any door when it is set that it knows I have entered. The piece of mind leaving your home and knowing while you're gone that if someone enters your house, either by windows or doors, they are busted.

It only takes seconds after the alarm goes off to have your phone ringing from the central monitoring company to alert you to see if it is a false alarm. Found that out during early morning hours when we went to let the dog out, that you need to disarm the system first..lol

What do you think about Alarm Grid's service?

Even though this was our first experience with an alarm system, I would highly recommend using Alarm Grid for all of your services that you want. Their service is top notch and there would be no other reason for me to ever consider to leave them.

As long as I have an alarm system, Alarm Grid will always be my go-to company that I will use. You can not top their knowledge and experience with alarm systems.

I have had to call their customer service people up before to get help on programming certain features on it that I was not sure exactly how to do it. I could not say enough great things as to how they would help you through the process. They will either call you back, or email you to make sure that it is working fine and see if you have any other questions.

Do you like Total Connect 2.0?

I use the Total Connect Services on my cell phone and it is so simple to use but also so reliable that the piece of mind of looking at your phone gives you so much information about the current status of your system. Funny story, my wife did not want it installed on her phone but after I used it on mine and she saw how useful it was, she had to get it installed on hers. Now she loves it.

Alarm Grid Rocks!!