Aaron R. from Valparaiso, IN

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

Were you able to install the system on your own?

There was an existing system, but I ended up upgrading the panel and installing a new keypad.

Why did you pick Alarm Grid?

The biggest reason was their contribution to DIY individuals like myself. I really enjoy the content that Alarm Grid publishes on their website. I feel like other security companies are trying to keep how straightforward this stuff is a secret, so they can protect their service business. I think it’s just the opposite, do the right thing by the customer, and the business will come.

Does Alarm Grid’s service make you feel safer?

Definitely, there is a piece of mind knowing that there is a deterrent to someone breaking into our home.

Did you save money by installing your own system?

Most providers offer to install the equipment for free, but its often cheaper stuff. In fact, I had ADT come out, and they want to replace my whole wired Honeywell system (doors and windows) with their wireless system which made no sense to me. Needless to say, I kicked them to the curb and decide to do myself.

Did you use Alarm Grid’s YouTube Channel?

Yes I did, it was one of the things that impressed me about Alarm Grid.

Tell us how you use your system’s home automation features?

I’ve always been a huge fan of home automation, and I’m just scratching the surface with what’s possible. Using the Tuxedo’s z-wave capability, I have added thermostats and light switches to start. This was been a great way to save energy in the home, and ultimately means a cost savings as well.

What do you like about your new security system?

My wife loves the peace of mind of having a security system, and the ease of use of the touchscreen. I’m personally a big fan of the z-wave home automation capabilities, and can’t wait to expand to things like garage door controllers, motion sensors and electrical outlets for scene control.

Why should other people consider Alarm Grid?

Its pretty damn simple. There customer service is top notch. I make a living as a technology consultant that helps companies implement software to offer great sales and service, and Alarm Grid is all about helping their customers. They are extremely knowledgable and responsive which is so different than most of the companies we deal with as consumers today.

Do you like Total Connect?

Total Connect is a great experience. Any company out there offering service today should be thinking about a mobile first experience. There is an expectation that you should be able to do everything from your phone or tablet, and monitoring and controlling your home security or automation is no exception. Total Connect allows you the capability to control your security system from your phone, which also provides additional piece of mind when you are away.

Have you taken advantage of a homeowners insurance discount?

Absolutely! Our security system discount using a centrally monitored provider like Alarm Grid provides us a 20% savings on our annual premium for home insurance. That’s enough to pay for Alarm Grid’s service for the year!

Can you tell us more about the service you received from Alarm Grid?

One evening I was trying to setup my first z-wave thermostat to the controller. It was 7:30pm and I still wasn’t having any luck, so my last task for the evening was to shoot an email to Sterling and team and let them know that I couldn’t get it working, figuring I’d hear the next day and we’d get it worked out. I had a reply from Sterling with troubleshooting steps just minutes after I sent him the email, before I even had time to sign off for the evening. In the course of 15 minutes of trying a few suggested steps and a few more emails exchanged, we had the thermostat up and running and I was controlling it through the Total Connect mobile app on my phone. It was awesome – both the automation and the service provided by Alarm Grid to get it up and running. Thanks guys! You rock!