David O. from Auburn, NH

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

Was Installing the system easy?

Installation was straight-forward even with a more complicated system than most home users. Alarm Grid provided the essential know-how to get the system communicating properly - even though there was a wiring mistake on my part, Alarm Grid assisted in determining the root cause and instructing on how to resolve it.

Why did you decide to let Alarm Grid monitor your system?

Simple, no contract monitoring and the vast knowledge Alarm Grid employees bring to the table along with their willingness to share that knowledge and make every installation a success.

Does the Alarm Grid monitoring service make you feel safer?

Absolutely! I now know if an unwanted individual attempts to gain access to my home and we have alerts when someone welcome arrives (such as childcare provider).

What do you like most about your new self-installed system?

First and foremost is the remote integration with Total Connect 2.0, both the website and the mobile app. Coming in a close second is the fact the zones are labeled very descriptively is easily the best part - that goes hand-in-hand with Alarm Grid taking the time to do the programming and working to name zones in a logical, descriptive manner.

Did you get an alarm monitoring discount on your homeowners insurance?

Yes. With the current insurance agency it came to a 10% homeowners insurance discount which equates to 3+ months of free service every year!

Do you have anything else to add?

If not for any other reason any one on the fence about obtaining Alarm Grid's monitoring, customer service alone is a reason to sign up. I spent several weeks with other service providers who could not figure out my system and the one issue of a constant restart of the panel. After working with Sterling for 20 minutes (yes, twenty minutes), he had the issue diagnosed and instructions for me to resolve. In addition, each time I have had a question the response time is incredible.

Hands down the best customer support team I've dealt with.