Edgardo I. from Manchester, CT

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

Was Installation of the System Easy?

The system was really easy to install, the only issue I had was, the key fob. I followed the instructions that comes with it and for some reason it didn't work, then I went into the Alarm Grid website and one of the Clerks or customer service had a new process on how to configure the key fob for the Honeywell alarm system panel. It was really helpful.

How Did You End up Selecting Alarm Grid to Monitor Your Security System?

I work as a Loss Prevention (Security) and the company that we use to monitor our facilities is really good but I couldn't afford their monthly service, I went online and spent some time looking for a company that has the same or better quality of monitoring alarm systems and then I found the Alarm Grid which I'm very happy with it.

How Much Money Did You Save?

Well I would like to break it down on how this other company tried to sell me their service but that will take too long. To make the story short without exaggerating, I saved myself around $700 dollars and this doesn't include the monthly service which the other company requires a annual contract and they asked me to pay for a year on advance ($480). With Alarm Grid there is no contract or any other surprise, you pay for what you choose and they have different plans which it makes so much easier and affordable.

Did You Use Alarm Grid's Videos for Help?

Yes I did, that's actually where I found out about the Alarm Grid company and their videos are excellent. The person who does the explanation on how to do the installations, he provides you with the right information, he guides you through the all process step by step. Very helpful.

What Do You Think About Home Automation?

I use it every day. I work very far from my house and it usually takes me about 45 min to an hour to get to my house. If someone breaks in I will be notified right away and I would be able to call the police immediately. I have the self monitoring plan but I will be upgrading it to the Alarm Grid monitoring station plan as my girlfriend already got used to it and she feels more comfortable using it.