Ian B. from West Pittston, Pennsylvania

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How Easy Was Your Installation?

Installation of my Lynx Touch system was very easy. The wireless sensors were easy to add to my panel and Alarm Grid was very helpful when I did have questions. Adding monitoring to the system was done in a quick and professional manner.

Do You Feel Safer With Alarm Grid Monitoring Your House?

Alarm Grid makes both myself and my wife feel safer in our home. The 24 hour monitoring puts her at ease when I am working late. Home security is about making your home a less tempting target than those around you, and Alarm Grid helps with that tremendously. The few times the alarm has been set off accidentally, Alarm Grid called immediately to see if there was a problem.

How Much Did You Save?

When I was renovating my home. ADT came to quote me a ballpark estimate of how much one of their systems would cost. They wanted almost $5,000 to install their system. Buying and installing the Lynx Touch system with Alarm Grid literally saved me over $4,500!!!

Describe Your Favorite Thing About Alarm Grid

The Android app is what I enjoy most about Alarm Grid. Being able to arm and disarm the system from my phone regardless of my location is very handy. It's also useful when I'm away from home and need someone to check on my dogs. Being able to disarm the system myself when they arrive allows me to not hand out the codes to my system.

And the customer service?

When I installed a monitored smoke alarm in my system I needed to test it before I could get an insurance discount. As I did not know how to do this I called customer support. The Alarm Grid rep was very helpful and I had my smoke alarm tested and the insurance certificate sent out the next day!