Jerry B. from South Fork, Colorado

Protected By Alarm Grid Since
First of all, What Did You Think of Alarm Grid's Tech Support?

During the installation, I had to contact customer service for assistance twice by phone and twice via e-mail. Both methods brought me fast and accurate solutions. I definitely give Alarm Grid two thumbs up for customer service.

Did You Install the System Yourself?

I did installed the system myself. The online You Tube videos made it easy. I am a do-it-yourself kind of guy but have little technical experience with computers or electronics and had no real problems.

What Made You Pick Alarm Grid?

I did not want to be tied to an expensive long-term contract. After checking with the major players, I found them to more expensive than Alarm Grid for the same level of monthly monitoring service and be held responsible for any early termination in the contract. I find that unacceptable and this was not the case with Alarm Grid.

Was it the Right Decision?

Absolutely! We now have peace of mind that our residence is much less desirable to thieves and that the authorities will be notified if anyone tries to break in.

Did You Save Money?

I received two bids from independent installers, both were about $1500.00 for the same features. One installer had the same exact Honeywell system that is supplied by Alarm Grid so the comparison is easy. I ended up spending around $600.00 for the Alarm grid system. I saved $900.00 on my Alarm Grid system!

The YouTube videos made the installation job easy and gave me confidence that the system would be installed properly.

Do You Have Total Connect?

I have the total contact feature and I think it's great. I am able to arm, disarm and monitor the system when away from home. Another peace of mind that I can control the system from anywhere.