John H. from Athens, TX

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How did your self-install go?

System installation was a breeze! A total of about 45 minutes. Most of that time was spent reading and understanding each piece of the system. NO wires to run.

What made you pick Alarm Grid?

The experience of having priced an alarm system from three different companies and having one installed left a very bad taste in my mouth. Equipment cost, installation cost and monitoring cost were not in line with what I had been paying with a system in the Dallas area. My present home is much more rural. After much research I decided to try a system that would be monitored by internet access with equipment that could be self-installed. Alarm Grid had excellent videos explaining each step. After discussion of my needs with an associate of Alarm Grid it was easy to make the decision and to which company to use.

Does knowing that Alarm Grid is monitoring your home make you feel safer

My home is outside of any city limits and is not in sight of any neighbors. Response time for the local sheriffs department has in the past left much to be desired. Being able to receive alarms by text and email plus having the system monitored has allowed me to enjoy being away from my home with confidence that an effort will be made to respond to a problem.

How much money did doing a DIY installation save you?

Bids from $840 to $1400 were quoted by local companies. My equipment cost were less than $600. Monitoring locally is about $50 a month. Total Connect not included.

What do you like most about your Alarm Grid system?

The audible announcements make living by yourself seem safer especially having 3 doors. Knowing which door has an intruder gives you a heads up. Knowing where the threat is coming from will help make the decision as to what to do much faster.

Tell us about your previous experience with security systems.

I had a system in the Dallas area for over 25 years. Various upgrade and hardware changes over the years helped to keep it up to date. The current system is much better than anything I had in the past. NO wires to run to sensors. Touch screen.

Do you think you would recommend Alarm Grid to anyone else?

Excellent technical support is the number one reason in my opinion.

What do you think about Total Connect?

Knowing you are going to get a fast notification to alarms with Total Connect really does help relieve some stress about being away from your home. Not that you can do much if you are to far away but knowing that if you have received the alarm a call has been made to to the local law enforcement agency.

How much of a discount did your insurance company give you on your homeowners insurance?

My homeowners insurance company gives a 5% discount. After contact with Alarm Grid an email was sent directly to the insurance company and a refund check was in my mailbox 2 days later.

Anything else about Alarm Grid's customer service that you think people should know about?

Most of the ways that the customer service has helped are described above.

1. Installation videos

2. Information for insurance rebates.

3. Advise as to what equipment to purchase

4. Fast response to communications