Christian M. from Fort Worth, Texas

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How hard was it to install this yourself? Were you nervous about doing it?

Installing my L5100 was very easy. I had been a bit hesitant at first, thinking it would be more difficult. Once I saw the online tutorials, I got more confident. While the system may not be intuitive out-of-the-box, the YouTube videos made installation a breeze. Each different element of the security system is explained in a simple way.

Why did you end up picking Alarm Grid to monitor your home?

I picked Alarm Grid because Sterling was very helpful. He was willing to be available during the week, and by appointment on Saturday, which worked for my schedule. I have had a few requests and email him directly. He has always addressed my problems swiftly and promptly. I am not just another customer. It has been very personalized.

Do Alarm Grid's monitoring services make you feel safer?

I definitely feel safer. We have added some custom configurations, such as automatic calling when the alarm is tripped. Even if we turn off the alarm when it is activated, we get a call to ensure that we are safe. We also have a back up system (cellular) and police dispatch.

How much did you save by going with Alarm Grid?

The initial investment was expensive (about $1000 for the system, wifi,cellular, and additional key padwireless sirenadditional key fobpanic buttons). My house was wired for Brinks. I was actually able to use the existing wireless elements on the doors. The same service from Brinks was $60/month. I figure the system will pay itself off in about 3 years.

Did you use Alarm Grid's online resources at all to install and program your system?

I definitely used the YouTube videos. These videos are easily searchable, organized, and specific. Some modules are more difficult setting up (i.e. wireless siren). It was nice to pull of the video, pause it, setup the module, and continue with the video playback.

What do you like most about your new system?

My favorite part of my system is the wireless design. It is nice to be able to add modules, as my budget allows. Initially, I was scared that the batteries would need to be replaced frequently. I also love my second keypad, which is also wireless! I also like how I am notified by text and email when the alarm trips. It gives me peace of mind.

What can you tell us about your experience with Alarm Grid's customer service?

My service was personalized. Sterling was professional and courteous and I could tell he cared. He wasn't interested in selling me items I didn't need. He was more concerned that I had was I wanted and that it was working perfectly. I was hoping that once I got the monitoring that his customer service would not change. I was right. I was not forgotten and he is still helpful in resolving my issues.

Sterling gave me the confidence that I could install this myself!

How do you use the interactive services portion of your monitoring?

I have Total Connect as well as both IP and Cellular Monitoring. It was easy to install and seamless to use. I have had various issues with my internet. This second communication path give my family peace of mind.