Michael G. from Dallas, TX

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How easy was it to install this DIY security system?

Very easy. I'm a bit technical but feared replacing all the zones when I installed my new box/board with the 21P. I took my time and did one wire at a time and before I knew it... I was done.


It did take a big drill to run a new Ethernet cable down the wall but it was easier than I imagined. Once Alarm Grid had access to my system, they did all the remote configuration and setup my system.

Ironically, I thanked them by showing Alarm Grid how to use mms messages vs txt messages for AT&T's iPhone users to be able to have unique ringtones for alerts. Outstanding customer support and working with their customers. Never got that from ADT.

Why did you end up selecting Alarm Grid as your monitoring company?

Customer Service first, mobile control second, and price third. Did not like how ADT treated me as a customer. I dinged them on Net Promoter Score - would not recommend them to anyone. Opposite is true for Alarm Grid. I've promoted them now to 5 new prospects. Not to mention I saved $300+ on my new security system.

Tell us about some of the neat, out-of-the box things you've done with your Alarm Grid security system!

I setup an Apple location reminder (when I leave the house) to arm my alarm. So as I'm driving away, I get reminded to use the Total Connect app to quickly Arm Away the house. Also, knowing my in-laws or maid are coming over at a certain time, I can disarm while I'm traveling on business. Finally, I use various DropCams for Video monitoring so I can review the DVR in conjunction with Alarm Grid alerts/events to get the full story of what is or did happen. Beautiful. My favorite part of my system has to be the automation. When you combine other services from Apple's app store like IFTTT, you can create all kind of crazy "what if, then else" situations.