Joshua W. from Houston, TX

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

What did you install, and how did it go?

Didn’t originally install system, but added a new 2.0 chip, additional keypad, wired motions, and glass break. Fairly easy.

Why did you end up picking Alarm Grid when you have so many options?

I had called Alarm Grid originally on a Saturday not knowing if you might be open. Sterling called me back the next Monday. I hadn’t even left a message. He was friendly and knowledgable. That was all I needed.

Does Alarm Grid's monitoring make you feel safer?

Yes, we definitely feel safer. Especially after 3 burglaries on our street in May!

How much did your self-install save you?

I would guess we saved between $500-1000 by doing it myself.

Are you using Alarm Grid's online resources?

I do use the Q&A’s and also watch Alarm Grid's YouTube channel occasionally. I wish the videos dealt more with wired and Vista systems.

What's your favorite thing about your Alarm Grid system?

I like the fact that it just simply works. It’s not complicated. And it’s cost effective.

Have you previously owned a security system?

Yes I did. But I had cancelled monitoring years ago. To get my new wired system up and running, I added the 2.0 Total Control chip to my system. Also added a dual path communicator. The connectivity and reliability makes all the difference.

Would you recommend Alarm Grid to people you know?

I would recommend Alarm Grid because it’s not a huge corporation with red tape and customers that fall through the cracks. Attention is individualized towards the customer.

Tell us about how you have used Total Connect...

Seeing how we can control the system away from the house, I can check to see if I really armed it, or arm it if I’m short on time from the road. I do think it needs a bit more polish and functionality by Honeywell. Stuff like geofence arming. A better app icon that other family members can easily recognize it’s an alarm app…

Are you taking advantage of the discount offered by your homeowners insurance carrier?

I did reinstate my insurance discount. Can’t recall how much of a savings it is, but everything counts!

Tell us a little bit more about your experience with Alarm Grid's customer service?

Sterling helped me connect a communicator, address a new keypad, and gave me some tips on installing wired motions. I do wish you had a bit later hours or weekends. It’s hard to balance a job and an alarm project in the hours of 8-5 .