Larry B. from Trent Woods, NC

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How easy was installing your system?

It was so easy that even a caveman could do it. The sensors are the easiest part of the installation once you decide what and where. You must study the control panel instructions a bit, but then it is very straightforward.

What made you select Alarm Grid over other companies?

Alarm Grid had a wealth of information on their website, more than anyone else. After talking with them it was clear that they had outstanding customer support, when needed. Finally, their price was truly affordable.

Did You Use Alarm Grid's YouTube Channel?

Absolutely, the videos are outstanding help in installing and configuring the system and help make sense out of the manual. There is essentially no need to wait for a person to help.

How do you like Total Connect?

I have Total Connect on my Smartphone and my Laptop. This gives me complete monitoring capability, including video, when we are gone. This was the primary reason that selected Alarm Grid as I wanted to self-monitor my system and the system notifies me as I have configured it.

What are your thoughts on Alarm Grid's customer support?

First, Alarm grid is very responsive, phone or email or chat. I have used them to help select additional sensors, particularly when I wanted video. When I inadvertently locked out my system they quickly told me how to restore it. They have cheerfully answered every question that I have had.