Stephen S. from Winston-Salem, NC

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

Describe your experience with Alarm Grid's customer service so far?

During my career, I had some of the best Quality Training (some call it Six Sigma) that the Fortune 500 had to offer. Modern "customer service" is greatly lacking when I compare it to the training I received. My contacts with the central station and customer service people have been nothing but positive. They give me the answers, responses, and service I want, need and, most importantly, expect.

We chose Alarm Grid because of the price, discussions with the call center, and ease of contact.

Have you had a security system before?

Our old alarm system was hard-wired and could be defeated by cutting the phone line. With the cellular connection, even if the power goes off, the system can communicate with the central station.

What made you decide to get a system now?

There have been several break-ins in this area, in the last year, and knowing that there is a deterrent for those people allows us travel and take care of daily chores with more confidence.