Maxwell T. from Jamestown, NC

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How Easy Was Installing Your System?

Very easy. I have moved several times and always take the alarm system (Homeywell LYNX L5200) with me to the new location. Even branched out and upgraded the panel to incorporate Z-wave and wifi technology. That was also very easy to set up, along with outstanding Alarm Grid customer service I get when I have a question.

Why Did You Pick Alarm Grid?

After spending several months researching what company to go with (not just for the price) but for the technology of the systems used and capabilities offered. I stumbled upon one of AlarmGrids videos on YouTube and I was instantly hooked. Sterling definitely knows his game. Once I spoke with him on the phone and got the rate plans, it was all set in stone. Excellent rate plans for AMAZING service!

The Channel is great for walk-thru videos, overall product knowledge base and learning about how other systems work and how to use your current system to its fullest capacity.

I feel much safer with Alarm Grid's monitoring. I used an alarm system before and it was never monitored. I have a cat at home and I have fire detectors installed specifically for him in case I am at work and an emergency arose.

How Much Money Did You Save On Your Install?

Quite a bit. And I began adding more to my system as time went on and money became less tight. Now my house is like Fort Knox with glass break detectors, sirens, you name it. My folks signed a 6 year contract for a new security system (which needed to be done desperately) and pay $60 per month monitoring. In 5 weeks with that cost, I could have bought a great starter kit with no contract, and monitoring service less than $20 per month!

How Are You Using Home Automation?

When I "Arm Away" as the siren chirps, all interior lighting fades away. Around 5:30pm it starts to get dark outside and I do have a cat at home. So my L5200 allowed me to program a rule to activate certain lights of my choice, at a certain time. So at 5:30pm the lights illuminate to 30% brightness. (Dim-able z-wave switches) then when I arrive home and am prompted to disarm the system, the lights go up to 60% If any fire alarm or burglary alarm occurs, all lights illuminate to 100%.

What Do You Like Most About Your System?

Living alone, my friends joke with me that the L5200 is my friend. Personally I wish I went for the L7000 for aesthetics but they both serve the same purpose.

Tell Us About Your Alarm Grid Experience?

The thing that impresses me the most about Alarm Grid besides Sterlings knowledge is when I needed help with programming or advice on my security system, Alarm Grid always treated me like gold. We finally have honest alarm system installers with these guys! Alarm grid has my lifelong contract.

I usually run into a question or two as time goes on. Whenever I call Alarm Grid, the representatives and Sterling really make he call enjoyable. They engage with you on what you are working on and you feel like your chatting with a friend.

What Do You Think About Total Connect?

It's an awesome app. I use it when I forget if I set the alarm or not. Or to quickly disarm and re-arm so the system speaks and spooks the cat.