Mike S. from Canton, OH

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

Was Installation of you Do-It-Yourself Security System Easy?

Very Easy. Watch a few of the how-to videos on the Alarm Grid channel and you will be a pro at installing your system. I only needed a drill, a screw driver and the ability to peel off double-stick tape.

Why did you pick Alarm Grid over other monitoring companies?

Price was a huge factor at first. I even thought of putting in a security system and not having it monitored (just have the loud alarm scare people away). Once I found Alarm Grid and realized I could view my security system on my phone and have my house monitored by a UL central station for less than half of what any other company charged, it was a no-brainer. Their great how-to videos and their pricing on the hardware made the choice even easier.

Do You Feel Safer with Alarm Grid monitoring Your Home?

It doesn't really matter if I feel safer. My wife feels safer and to have the peace of mind knowing my family is safe is all that matters to me.

How Much Money Did You Save by Installing This System Yourself?

Over the course of one of the 'free installation, 36 month contract, $50+/month monitoring' deals the big alarm companies had, I easily saved enough to pay for an extra two years of monitoring. I also have more features than they were offering.

Did You Use Alarm Grid's Helpful Videos During Your DIY Installation?

Every step of the way! The YouTube videos were instrumental in my installation. They were instrumental in my planning and purchasing phase too. I ended up being able to buy the correct security equipment and sensors based on my watching the videos to see how everything worked together. When I would get stuck with something during the install, I would pull up Alarm Grid's YouTube channel on the iPad and be back on track in a few minutes.

Have you had Previous Experiences with Security Companies?

Our old house had an alarm system. It came with the house and I think we got a free year of monitoring. During the year it was monitored, we had so many issues. The police were always at our house because of a bad sensor or this or that.

Once the free year was up, we dropped the monitoring. The alarm kept going off but at least the police stopped showing up. Finally, I had enough and pulled the plug on it and it sat that way until we moved out. When I started looking into putting an alarm system in our new house, I was surprised to find that the technology hadn't progressed much in the last 10 years. All of the panels I saw that alarm companies were trying to push were the basic buttons and small screen that showed a line of text. I was happy to find the Honeywell touch screen panels that Alarm Grid had. Not a single false alarm on the new system plus it looks way nicer and way more 21st century than the old panels. It isn't uncommon to get a compliment on our panel showing a slideshow of my son when we have guests over (I had never gotten a compliment on our old security panel at our old house).

Do You Like the Interactive Services?

Total Connect has been wonderful. I have had our house cleaner call me in a panic that she forgot her code and I was able to pull up Total Connect on my phone and disarm the system before the alarm went off. When I get to work, I pull up Total Connect to make sure my wife armed the system on her way out. I also use it to easily check the event log to make sure my wife made it home when I am away.