Tim A. from Elyria, Ohio

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How Easy Was Installing Your Own System?

It was very easy and Alarm Grid activated my monitoring account the same day that I called in.

Why Did You Go with Alarm Grid?

I chose Alarm Grid because of the variety of different monitoring plans to choose from which are all very favorably priced. I feel much safer knowing Alarm Grid is monitoring my home. Great peace of mind.

Do You Think Other People Should Use Alarm Grid?

Alarm Grid has the best customer service I have ever experienced with any company. They are friendly, answer your questions clearly, and every aspect of their service is handled in a professional and friendly manner. Not to mention how fast and prompt they are at their service.

Have You Used Alarm Grid's Interactive Services?

I do have the Total Connect service and it is a great option to be able to arm or disarm your system from your smart phone. If you forget to arm your system or if you're unsure if you armed it, simply open the app on your phone and fix any issues.

I have been with Alarm Grid for over 6 months and have never had a single issue. Setup was very simple and fast. Customer service is polite and friendly. Their service is the best hands down. Alarm Grid's pricing is the best in the industry. I can't praise them enough .