Orville S. from Columbus, OH

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How Easy Was the Installation?

Installing my system was easy, especially when you follow the steps. Whenever I would have a problem you tube was there to help.

What Made You Pick Alarm Grid?

I picked Alarm Grid because it was affordable and I didn't have to sign my life away. I saved an arm and a leg by installing this system on my own.

I do feel safer with alarm grid monitoring my house.

Are you Using Home Automation with Your System?

Home automation is the best; being able to control my lights and heating / cooling system is great. I've saved a pretty penny when it comes to leaving the house with the heat on 80.

Why Should Others Consider Alarm Grid?

Alarm grid is a great company and the people there are great. you should consider alarm grid because they have people there who care. During programming I didn't feel rushed at all and I think that's what really made me like this company.

What Do You Think of Total Connect?

Total connect basically puts your house in your hands; I use it a lot to control home automation and to set the alarm.

Did You Save on Insurance?

I rent and I should say I was happy to have saved money on my renters insurance by having my home protected.

What Were Your Impressions of Alarm Grid's Service?

The customer service reps provides world class service and that's the great thing. The customer service reps treats you like you want to be treated. When I had to call in about programming the rep called me by my first name and that made me happy. It felt as if we've known each other for years.