Stephen R. from Covington, GA

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Did You Install Your Security System on Your Own

I was a little worried about the self-install, but I was able to hand-pick the technology that I wanted to use and ended up saving a lot of money in the process. Alarm Grid’s DIY YouTube videos were invaluable and made the process really easy. I used many of Alarm Grid’s YouTube videos. It is those videos that gave me the confidence to install my own system to begin with. They made the whole process so easy and saved me a lot of time. I would have been lost without them. When I did have a couple very specific questions, I just gave Alarm Grid a call and Sterling was able to answer my questions on the spot.

There Are So Many Alarm Companies, Why Did You Pick Alarm Grid for Your Monitoring?

I chose Alarm Grid for several reasons. They offered plans with no contract. I was able to customize my own equipment with Alarm Grid. The price is very reasonable. The website and videos are very professional. In the end, I was happy that I chose Alarm Grid, because, on top of everything else, the customer service is excellent.

Does Alarm Grid’s 24 Hour Monitoring Give You Peace of Mind?

Yes, Alarm Grid’s service provides me the peace of mind that I need. The alarm has been triggered before, and the operators call promptly every time. When I am home, I know that all my entrances are secure because I would have heard the chime or alarm if someone had tried to enter.

Tell Us About Your Experience With Total Connect

The Total Connect app is very convenient in daily life. I like to disarm the alarm as I pull into the driveway when I know I will have my hands full with groceries. That way, I don't have to rush to the keypad to disarm. Also, there have been times that I found myself in bed having forgotten to arm the alarm for the night. But instead of getting up and trekking over to the keypad, I can just pick up my phone, arm from bed, and sleep easy.