Stephen R from Lexington, TN

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

What made you pick Alarm Grid?

My alarm system was existing and the central control unit outdated. With Alarm Grid's excellent online tools and explanation, I was able to find the parts I needed to bring the system up-to-date myself. No other company I found offered this information.

Tell us about your previous security system.

My "old" system had no remote control or home automation capabilities. Now I can remotely arm and monitor my system with an intuitive smartphone app. No more wondering if I've forgotten to arm the system.

Did you get a homeowners insurance discount when Alarm Grid started monitoring you?

My homeowner's insurance offers considerable discount for a monitored security system. The transfer of the certificate from my former service to Alarm Grid was hassle free. Customer service took care of that quickly and smoothly.

What do you think about Alarm Grid's customer service?

I was a little apprehensive at first about performing the upgrades myself, worried about monitoring services transition and if the system would work. Alarm Grid customer service was always available and very helpful. From installation advice to the commissioning of the system, all went smoothly. The rep took time and didn't rush through the system setup and programming. A system error message that came about later was quickly taken care of by a phone call.

After all this time, are you happy you picked Alarm Grid?

Great personal service, knowledgeable staff, no contracts and fantastic value! I've been an Alarm Grid customer for about a year now. Great ROI on the equipment upgrade because of decreased monitoring service cost vs. ADT. Very happy.