Winston B. from Atlanta, GA

How Easy Was Your DIY Installation?

It was very easy to do. I used some of the videos you all posted online to help install the system. The videos are a much better way to describe installation versus reading a manual.

Why Did You Pick Alarm Grid Over Other Monitoring Companies?

Price point and what was offered compared to other companies such as Brinks. Also, other companies entice you with their ads, but when you call they give you the bait-and-switch. For example, one company said that they would give you up to 15 sensors, however, when you call to set up, they tell you that you have to have those sensors already installed in your home.

Did You Use Alarm Grid’s Video Help?

Yes I did. The videos are thorough and easy to follow on YouTube. Also, if you are in a rush and want to double-check if you set the alarm, you can do so on your phone and arm or disarm the system if you like using Total Connect.  The great thing is that you can have it installed on multiple phones and access it on any computer.

Did You Get a Homeowners Insurance Discount?

Yes. This was one of the questions that I was asked when I switched homeowner's insurance.  Any additional savings adds up at the end of the year. Also, having the peace of mind with an alarm system, I don't have to worry so much about spending additional funds on other forms of protection.