2GIG GC2: Arming in Away Mode

If you have the 2GIG GC2, arming in away mode is an important feature you’ll need to use to protect your home when you’re away.

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With the 2GIG GC2, arming in away mode is the most effective way to protect your home when you’re going to be away. In this video, you’ll learn how to arm the system in away mode.

As the video shows, to arm your system in away mode, you’ll simply select “security” from the home screen menu. Next, select “arm” from the security menu. This will give the user the option to arm their home for either “stay” or “away.” Arming the system in “stay” is perfect for instances when you’d like to protect your home with the alarm system, but aren’t leaving home.

This will provide alarm system monitoring on the perimeter of your home, and its entrances and exits without turning on the motion detection feature in the home. Arming in away mode provides the same protection to the perimeter of your home, while also arming the system for motion.

Once you arm the system using the 2GIG GC2 GO! Controller, you’ll have 60 seconds to exit the home before you inadvertently trigger the alarm system.

The GC2 GO! Controller from 2GIG is a high tech alarm control panel that provides users with a broad range of desirable features for their home or office security system. The controller features a large, full-color touch display that you’ll use to control nearly all of the functions of the system. There are also two touch buttons which allow the user to return to the home screen, or call central station monitoring in the event of a non-alarm emergency.

The GC2 uses a GSN cellular connection to communicate with the alarm command center and any of the wireless accessories or smart appliances within the home. GSN technology is currently regarded as the cutting edge of security and reliability for security systems. This allows the system to communicate with the command center and any connected devices using a cellular network as opposed to the internet or traditional phone lines. Compared to internet or phone line monitoring, cellular monitoring is more tamper resistant.

The GC2 also features two-way voice service which allows the user to communicate with the alarm company directly from the panel in the event of an alarm breach or other concern. Built in Z-Wave RF protocol allows your GC2 to communicate with Z-Wave enabled devices in your home, such as an HVAC system or smart lighting. This technology allows you to control these smart appliances right from your alarm control panel, as well as from connected mobile devices or computers.

In addition to these features, the GC2 also includes 60 wireless and 2 wired zones, 64 user codes, and niceties like weather and temperature display for your location. The internal computer system of the GC2 can easily be upgraded whenever 2GIG rolls out new features for this GO! Controller.