2GIG GC2: Setting Date & Time

2GIG GC2: Setting Date & Time

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A detailed explanation designed to guide you through the process of setting up an accurate time and date on your 2GIG GC2 device. Making sure you have the ...


If your system is not set up with a back end service provider, you will need to manually set your date and time. The Go!Control panel has a built in clock and calendar. The time and date are displayed on the home screen. The time and date are also used for the system history and event logs that store data on system events. The installer can set the system to automatically adjust for daylight savings time if it's observed in your location. If you have a cellular unit installed in your panel, the time and date will be automatically set through the cellular radio. To set the date and time, use the following steps. Go to 'security,' 'menu,' and then 'toolbox.' The Go!Control panel will then ask you to enter your current master code. Once you are in the user toolbox, select 'set date' or 'set time.' Use the up and down arrows to set the current date or time. Press 'OK.' A confirmation screen showing the date and time set will be displayed. Press 'OK.'