2GIG GC2: The 2GIG by Linear Experience

This video overview will show you the features and functions of the 2Gig Go!Control user experience.

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Go!Control Wireless Security System

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The 2Gig Go! Control is an all in one home security system. As this video will outline, the 2Gig system is user friendly, easily adaptable and controlled from anywhere. It’s provides you with freedom, accessibility and peace of mind, knowing you can keep an eye on your home as well as those who live inside it.

You have a busy life and your home security and monitoring system should be the least of your worries. With the 2Gig home control system, security is just a button away. 2Gig enhances home security by allowing you total home control from anywhere in the world.

You can set your system to run a morning scene that will disarm the system, adjust the temperature control and turn on the lights. Imagine the comfort you would get from having a reliable system that will run itself.

Our video will show that you can link your system to a key fob from one button press security. With the single press you can arm your system, lock the doors and turn off the lights. You don’t have to worry about forgetting something as you rush out the door to start your day.

The 2Gig Go!Control home monitoring system will conserve energy by adjusting your thermostat efficiently. This will save you money on heating and cooling. Save even more with the automatic light controls that will turn off your lights for you, as our video guide shows.

Even if you aren’t close to your home you can still monitor your system from anywhere in the world. If you have guests arriving you can remotely unlock your doors, disarm your system, turn on lights to greet them and see it all on your 2Gig security cameras.

Remote thermostat management means you never have to walk in to a home that is too cold or too hot. Our video discusses how you can activate your 2Gig system from your phone before you return home, turning on the heater or the air conditioner and adjust the temperature to suit your needs. When you arrive, your home will be comfortable and inviting, without having to run the HVAC system all day long.

You also get peace of mind when you can’t be home. When the system is disarmed you can receive text notifications on your cell phone and access your security cameras to see who has entered your home.

Our video shows that with the 2Gig smart doorbell, you will receive a text message alerting you that someone is at your home. You can easily access your 2Gig security cameras from anywhere to see who it is at your door.

2Gig offers energy management right from your control panel, as our video guide explains. With daily, weekly and monthly reporting, you can see real time results of your energy usage. With this ability you can take full control of your energy management saving you money on heating and cooling.

The complete 2Gig system will offer you money savings as well as total control of your home or business.


Let's be honest. Life can be hectic. The morning rush, getting everyone out the door, juggling work, after school activities, even managing your own business. Sometimes we just can't do it all. Well, imagine home management just one touch away. The 2GIG Go Control System is smart, simple and convenient. More than just a security system, 2GIG enhances the way we live while protecting what matters most, your home portal, from anywhere in the world.

Meet Mark and Heather, young professionals with a growing family. Every morning, their 2GIG system greets them with a good morning scene by disarming their alarm, adjusting their thermostat to a comfortable level, and turning on the lights. It's important to Mark and Heather to know that their family and home are safe. When they leave for the day, one button arms their alarm, locks the door, turns off the lights, adjusts the thermostat, conserves energy, and saves them money.

Richard travels often on business but likes to keep track of his home while away. He can manage his home with his 2GIG system from anywhere in the world. He can even let visiting family into his home, turn on lights to greet them, and see them arrive using his 2GIG surveillance camera. Jason loves the outdoors and loves to play. After a long day on the slopes, who wants to return to a cold home? When Jason is ready to head home, he can access his 2GIG thermostat from his phone and change the temperature. He'll soon be greeted by a warm, cozy home without having had to heat the home all day. His smart thermostat saves him money, making it easier to enjoy the things he loves most. Lindsey is a busy mom, always on the go. She likes knowing that her 2GIG system will communicate with her when her children arrive home from school. When her daughter disarms the alarm, Lindsey receives a text notification. She can also view her 2GIG image motion sensor to see her daughter is home and who she is with.

Kristin has her hands full running a success business, but she wants to know what is going on at her home. Kristin has been expecting an important package, but can't be home to see if it's safely delivered. Doorstep package thefts are becoming more and more common. Luckily for Kristin, her smart doorbell will send her a message, alerting her when someone is at her home. She can also see when the package arrives using her 2GIG front door camera. It's lunch time and Kristin has just enough time to make it home and retrieve her package. Todd and his family run a local dessert cafe and, like every business owner, he wants to protect his business. Each night when employees arm the alarm, the 2GIG Go Control system will automatically turn off lights, adjust the thermostat, and send Todd a text notification. Not only is Todd saving money with energy management, he can better enjoy his free time knowing his business is safe and secure.

Providing even greater management and cost saving tools, 2GIG technologies is excited to introduce 2GIG Energy Management. Using the 2GIG panel, you can view your daily, weekly, and monthly energy use. You can calculate your estimated energy costs and set rules to regulate energy when your energy use reaches certain levels. This tool provides real time information to help you better manage your home and increase your energy savings throughout the year. 2GIG technologies is introducing the new 2GIG Go!Bridge, a GSM alternative to the GO Control system. Integrators and dealers can use the Go!Bridge by interfacing with a home network, allowing the 2GIG security system to send signals via secure WiFi when a GSM alternative is needed. Increase your sales and RMR by using the Go!Bridge Go Control interface.

2GIG Go control is home management security at our finger tips. This state of the art touch screen panel is your control center for your home or business and offers wireless security, two-way voice communication, and home automation. You can control your lights, locks, thermostats, small appliances, and more, from anywhere, anytime. 2GIG is the future of integration, bringing you greater accessibility and control to match any lifestyle. We make living smarter and simpler.