2GIG GC3: Add or Delete User Codes

This video guide shows you how to assign unique user codes to allow individuals restricted access to your alarm system.

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The Master Code for your home security system should be closely guarded. However, there are many situations where you might want to assign a temporary code to allow someone access to your system. This video details how to add and remove user codes.

As we detail in a separate video, most functions of the alarm system are accessed with the Master Code. While the default Master Code is 1111, we highly recommend changing the code to something more complex.

The Master Code lets you arm and disarm the alarm. It also allows you adjust a variety of features. In addition to the Master Code, alarm systems will typically also have an Installer Code. The Installer Code provides access to a variety of additional, technical features such as zone setup and sensor detection. For more info, check out our separate video on Installer Code and Master Code functions.
In most cases, every member of a household will know and use the Master Code. But there are many situations where you might want to grant access to someone else.

User codes can be given to people you trust temporarily or in a limited capacity. Some common additional users include house sitters and out-of-town guests. Even a repair person who will need access to your house for an on-going project might benefit from a temporary user code.

Creating a new user code helps increase the security of your system. When the person no longer has a need for the code, you can simply remove their user profile from the system, which renders their code invalid. Our video shows you how to quickly halt a user’s access by deleting their unique user code.

The video shows you step-by-step how to create a new User Code. Using your Master Code, you’ll select the Users button inside the System Setting. By default, the only active user will be the Master User. Note that you can also create a Duress Code at this time, which is a feature we’ve highlighted in another video.

The code can be any four-digit sequence, although we recommend a code which is unique to the individual. Avoid anything too obvious like your house address or birthday.

As the video shows, when you add a New User, you’ll be prompted to create a name. Choose whatever you like.

Only the Master User can access the System Settings. Users you add can’t see the Master Code or alter any system settings. They also can’t see any other User Codes. Added users can only enter and exit the premises without setting off the alarm.

Basically, if you’re comfortable giving someone a physical key, you can also give them their own user code. In fact, the User Code is actually more restrictive than a house key, making it even more secure.

The video has everything you need to know about adding or deleting user codes to your 2GIG GC3 alarm system. User Codes are a great way to conveniently allow access to your home without sacrificing your overall security.


Hi DIYers. This is Frank at Alarm Grid. We're back in the Alarm Grid video lab working on the 2GIG GC3 today. We're going to show you how to add and remove user codes on the Go!Control system. This is a touch screen display keypad. And the user code programming is fairly straightforward.

What we'll first do from the Home screen is hit the little gear icon here with System Settings and enter in your master code. The default master is 1111. If you've already changed that, you want to enter in that code at this time.

The first thing you'll see here on the top left is Users. And then you'll see Master User here. You can change that, if you'd like, but for today's purposes, we'll keep that on default. We also have a different video on the differences between the master user and installer codes, the important distinctions there, and resetting the codes. So feel free to check that out in another video.

For today's purposes, we'll be adding a new user. So we have Add User with the blue plus icon on the top right. It'll first prompt you for a name. We'll just put my name in here as Frank. Next. And now it's going to prompt for the user code.

So we'll just put in a temporary code of 1234. I usually recommend something more secure than that. Try to stay away from birthdays and addresses. Those are commonly used and not very secure. We can hit Next. Enter that one more time to lock it in.

And now you'll see my name, the code here. And now this code can be used interchangeably with the master user to arm and disarm the panel. You could arm with the master, disarm with User 3, and vice versa. So if you ever wanted to then disable a code, at this point, when adding a code, you would just back out.

And I can show you that here just by backing out all the way to the Home screen. If you ever wanted to delete a code, we can go right back in. We can use the master code. And Users. And you'll see a little trash can icon on the right hand side of the new user I added.

It'll ask you to delete. We can hit Delete there and then you'll see that it's gone. We can then back out to the Home screen and now that user has been deleted. If you have alarm.com service, this is also a way to remotely manage your user codes.

So if you've been set up with the app or the web login, you can use those to manage user codes as well. You can add and delete from there as well. I found it to be a little bit easier on there, although this is straightforward as well. So if you have any other questions regarding changing your user codes or any questions at all regarding the GC3, you can email us at support@alarmgrid.com. And don't forget to subscribe to our channel.