2GIG GC3: Changing the Master Code

This tutorial helps keep your 2GIG GC3 alarm system secure by showing you how to change the default Master Code and add other users.

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All home security systems are programmed with a default Master Code. You’ll want to change this code soon after installation, so your system can only be accessed by you and members of your household.

This video details how to change the Master Code on the GC3, which is 2GIG’s newest self-controlled wireless system.

As shown in the video, the default Master Code for the system is 1111. Unfortunately, anyone familiar with this type of alarm will also know this code. Fortunately, changing the code takes just a minute or two.

First, you’ll hit the System Settings button. As shown in the video, this is a blue button found in the lower right corner of the main display. Hitting the button brings up a touchpad where you enter the default 1111 code (which is simple because it’s designed to be used basically only for setup).

Entering the code takes you to a grid of various system setting. The video shows you where to find the Users section. Hitting the Users section takes you to a list of users.
Most likely, the only user listed will be the Master User. You can rename the “Master User” to be whatever you like, such as your first and last name.

Before changing the name, the video shows you how to change the Master Code. Next to each user’s name is a pencil icon. Clicking on the icon takes you to a keypad where you can enter a new code.
You’ll want to enter a code which is easy to remember but hard to guess. Avoid using your house number or last four digits of your home phone number. In the video, we used “1234” but you’ll want something more complicated.

You’ll need to enter the code twice to confirm. After confirming the code you’ll see a screen displaying the user number, user name and the new code.

You can change the user name by clicking the pencil icon. The video also shows you how to add users. New users can be given their own unique code. Plus, restrictions can be put in place limiting each user’s access to the system.

This video covers the difference between the Master Code and the Installer Code. Basically, the Master Code is for everyday operations while the Installer Code lets you access setup and maintenance features.

As a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll use the Installer Code more often than a user who had the system installed by someone else. The Installer Code on the GC3 lets you setup the key fob, designate alarm zones, view event logs and other more technical information. Other videos cover how to change the Installer Code and navigate the various Installer features.

Changing the default Master Code is one of the first actions you’ll want to take when setting up your GC3. Not only does this keep the system secure against unauthorized access, but you’ll also be able to personalize the system for the needs of your household.


Hi DIYers. This is Frank at Alarm Grid. We're back in the Alarm Grid video lab working on the 2GIG GC3 panel. This is the newest of 2GIG's Go!Control self-contained wireless systems. They are supported on alarm.com, which is a new and greatly improved interactive server that hosts cellular communications and uses the alarm.com app.

So today, we'll be working on showing you how to change your master user code. The default master code out-of-the-box when you first hook up your system is 1111. If you want to change that, which we always recommend changing that first, I'll show you how to do that in a moment.

The installer code and master code can be confused sometimes, especially as a do-it-yourselfer where your first interaction with the system might be going into programming, using that default 1561. So we have another video for that, which you can check out on our channel. But for today, we're going to show you how to change the master code.

So we'll start by going into System Settings. I will enter the master code, which is 1111. We have Users here on the top left, and then Master Code. So we can click the little pencil icon on the right for edit. And we can change the code here by clicking the pencil on the right.

It'll say enter a code for the master user. So for today's purposes, I'll just set it to 1234. I'd recommend doing something a little bit more secure than that. So you can enter that code. Hit Next. And it's going to ask you to confirm it, so you'll have to enter this twice. We'll do 1234.

That would avoid any issues of accidentally putting the wrong code. You can actually edit names here as well. So if you wanted to name the master maybe as you as the master user, or you can just keep it as Master. You can always rename these things from alarm.com as well.

So we'll just keep it on Master User for now and then back out. You'll see now on the user's screen, it'll show the master user and 1234. We can show you how to add other users in the future just by hitting plus Add User there on the top right. And you can add other sub-users so that you can track who's arming and disarming when.

But for today's purpose, we'll just back out all the way to the Home screen. We're back at the Home screen. That's how you would change the master user code on the 2GIG GC3. If you have any other questions regarding changing user codes on the Go!Control GC3, you can email us at support@alarmgrid.com. And please subscribe to our channel.