2GIG GC3: Enable and Disable Quick Arming Feature

Our video gives an in-depth walkthrough of enabling and disabling the “quick arming” feature on your 2GIG GC3 wireless security system.

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The powerful 2GIG GC3 wireless security system is created with ease of use in mind.

One way that the company makes their product easier for users is with their “quick arming” feature.

The feature gives you the ability to arm your system without entering your code. Not only does this save time, it’s also more convenient.

Follow the steps in our video to easily enable or disable the quick arming feature. Remember that your 2GIG GC3 is automatically programmed to the “quick arming” feature out of the box.

That means that your system is likely already set up in “quick arming” mode unless you’ve disabled it in the past. Most homeowners keep the feature enabled for improved convenience.

That’s why our video tutorial focuses on disabling the feature. It shows you exactly how to enter the “Installer Tool Box” to the quick arming feature interface.

The video then explains how to disable or enable based on your preferences. It also quickly covers a handful of related features.

Despite the benefits, quick arming isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to disable it to increase security and monitor use.

Disabling the feature means an alarm code must be entered to arm the system. Give each user a different code and you’ll be able to track who arms the system and when.

Another video shows exactly how to give a different alarm code to each user. Disabling the quick arming feature is most often done by businesses. Seek out this tutorial if you’re a business owner.

The video discusses the differences between these individual codes, the master code, and the installer code. These differences are important to note.

As noted in the video, you should always user the master code when setting special functions like the quick arming feature. Though the installer code does work for this, using it is a bad habit to get into.

Whether or not you have the quick arming feature enabled or disabled, you still must enter your code to disarm the system. The feature does not disable the code for turning the alarm off.

Remember that the instructions covered in our video are specifically for the 2GIG GC3. Other steps must be taken to enable or disable the quick arming feature for other 2GIG wireless security systems.

That’s the value of enabling the 2GIG GC3’s quick arming feature – it means you don’t have to use a code to arm the system.

On the other hand, the value of disabling the 2GIG GC3’s quick arming feature is quite the opposite – it allows you to closely monitor who arms the system and when.

Whether you should enable or disable the quick arming feature depends on your individual needs and preferences. A few pointers on which is best for certain users are mentioned in the video.


Hi, DIYers. This is Frank at Alarm Grid. We're back in the Alarm Grid lab, working on the 2GIG GC3 Go!Control panel. Today, we'll be working on showing you how to enable or disable the Quick Arming feature. This is a feature that allows you to essentially arm, stay, or away from the panel without entering a user code. So by default, this setting is enabled. So out of the box and you first come on the system, you may arm the system just by hitting arm, stay, expecting to enter code, and it won't prompt for any code. So we can do a disarm here. Now this is where you can get-- it can be tricky in the beginning. You always need to use the master code or a regular subuser code. If you're in the habit of using the installer code, which by default is 1 5 6 1, the installer code will not disarm the panel. See how it says invalid code. It will not disarm the panel when you use a quick arm. So the quick arm is actually using your master code. It's using a code that requires a master or subuser. The installer code will not work. So we'll use our default master to disarm there, which is 1 1 1 1. But I just wanted to show you that feature, because that can foul some people up in the very beginning when they first are testing the system. They may be more familiar with the installer code, not the master. So it's important to keep that in mind when you're considering disabling your quick arming selection. So it's nice to have. It's very convenient. And usually, people will keep it enabled. One reason why you would want to disable it is if you're in a business or even in a residential environment and you want to be able to track arming, basically arming of the system at the keypad and know who armed when, then you want to disable this feature. And the reason why is this will use the same code every time when you arm the system if the quick arm is enabled. If you disable this code or if you disable the Quick Arm feature, then you'll need to enter your own user code each time you arm. And therefore, using alarm.com or the logs on the system, you can track who is arming when. So this is usually something that's more important in a business environment if you want to know when people are coming in and out or you want to know who is arming the system. If you don't care, it doesn't matter. And you want to be a little easier, you can leave it enabled. Again, out of the box, it is enabled. I'll show how to pop into programming and disable the feature today. So the first thing we want to do is hit the 2GIG on the top-right. And then this is going to get us into our installer code. We'll enter the-- sorry, that will put you in the Installer Tool Box, and then it'll prompt you for that installer code, which again is the 1 5 6 1. Once you're in programming here, we have System Config with the wrench, Panel Programming with the wrench. And then it'll put you into our question-based programming. So we'll scroll all the way down here to Quick Arming, which is Q13. That's our 13th question. Again, out of the box, you'll see it's enabled. The green is toggled on to the enabled. If you want to disable this to be able to track codes and who's arming at the panel, then we can disable. That's not the only thing you're changing in programming. We can hit returned to System Config. You'll see the Panel Programming Selection or icon here is orange, which means there's been a change made. When you back out, it will give you a summary screen of which changes you've already made. And then here will hit Save. And we're back at the home screen. Now you'll notice that when I go to hit arm, stay, it doesn't simply arm it. It will actually come up with a number pad here. So you can use your master code or a subuser code to arm the system. And then on the logs, on alarm.com and on the panel, you'll be able to see who armed the system. In this case, it would be the master user. So we can disarm. We'll use the default master, which is 1 1 1 1. Again, you don't want to use the installer code to arm and disarm. It's a bad habit for security measures. You cannot disarm the panel if it's been armed with any other code, besides using the installer. So just be sure that if you haven't already disabled this and the panel is in that arm state and you can't figure out how to get out of it, you can use that default master when you're first setting things up, which is the 1 1 1 1. That will get you back to your ready to arm. You can then go in and disable that quick arm feature if it's not something that you like on your system. If you have any other questions regarding the GC3 programing, whether it be about quick arming or any other questions in deeper level programming, you can email us at support@alarmgrid.com. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel.