2GIG GC3: Overview of the Features

In this short video tutorial we will show you an overview of the features associated with the 2Gig GC3 control panel.

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This brief instructional video will discuss how to create bookmarks the 2Gig GC2 control panel and how they are used.

The all new 2Gig GC3 home security system is an incredibly powerful system with a ton of exciting features over the old Go!Control. Along with an easier to program interface, the GC3 comes Z-Wave ready, WiFi ready, and installation of the cellular module is as easy as opening the side and securing it with a small, firm push.

In this brief video we will show you the overview of the features that go in to making up the advanced GC3 control panel. Follow along with the video to see these features and decide if the 2Gig GC3 control panel is the perfect fit for your home security needs.

The GC3 comes equipped with three communication modules: the Z-Wave communication module, a 2.4 gigahertz WiFi module and a 3GL cellular module. These modules will communicate with all of your sensors and devices to help simplify your home security.

One of the most promising features is the ability to upgrade hardware as technology advances. With ports ready for module install, you won’t have to buy a new control panel just because a new hardware device is released.

Unlike most other control panels on the market today, the GC3 comes with a top mount USB port that will allow you to manually install firmware updates to the control panel. The control panel can then use the communication modules to update the firmware in your sensors and devices.

The faceplate can also be removed and exchanged for a branded faceplate with your company logo or image. This allows for simple brand recognition and marketing when installing a new system for your clients.

As you will learn in the video, the 2Gig GC3 control panel has a sleek design and contains all the hardware and security you will need to secure your small business or home.

The graphic touch screen is intuitive and packed with robust menus that give you full control over every aspect of your home security. Programming is done with a touch of a few buttons and with Z-Wave technology built in, you can have a smart home running scenes with little effort and no hardware to install yourself.

Nortek Security makes home defence simple and thoughtless with the 2Gig GC3 control panel. Access the control panel from anywhere in the world with your smartphone or computer. Turn on the heater before you arrive home to walk into a warm and inviting house.

Get alerts when the system is activated or deactivated and know who is at your door with smart cameras that allow you to live stream through your system right to your computer.

Setting up and running scenes is as simple as including the Z-Wave devices and telling the system how they should function based on the parameters you set. A truly wireless home is now affordable and easy.

To find out more about the GC3 control panel, or how to use its individual features, have a look at our other videos.


Each GC3 system also comes equipped with wi-fi, Bluetooth capability, and a Z wave module designed to help you connect your system to the devices that help simplify your life. The modular design allows for the incorporation of other emerging solutions to stay current in the ever changing world of technology.

On top of the GC3 panel is a secure USB port for loading firmware upgrades, or for incorporating other solutions and features in the future. Finally, the removable faceplate allows for the system to be branded with the logo of the integrator, or with faceplate designs that help personalize your system. The GC3 panel packages all of these powerful security and smart control features into an elegant product with a modern interface that enhances the look of any home or business.

GC3 gives you simplified control over many systems while protecting your small business or the family and home that you love. Seeing is believing, and you truly need to interact with the system to appreciate how simple it is to use. For security dealers, call your 2GIG representative, or a 2GIG distribution partner to schedule a demonstration. For home or business owners, call an authorized 2GIG dealer today.